What Was New In 1999

December 19, 1999
Saw "Being John Malkovich" this weekend. It is definitely one of the most original, bizarre and hilarious movies I've ever seen. It joins my list of "must sees" for 1999 which includes: "Fight Club", "American Beauty", "Go", "Three Kings", "Dogma" and "South Park."

November 24, 1999
The METALLICA symphony show at Madison Square Garden was phenomenal. Click here for more.

November 22, 1999
Tomorrow I head to New York City to see METALLICA play with the symphony at Madison Square Garden. A full report will follow. "S&M" goes on sale tomorrow - go buy it. And go see "Dogma", it is hilarious.

November 7, 1999
Thanks to the all mighty Metallica Club I have tickets to see METALLICA play with the symphony at Madison Square Garden in NYC on November 23rd. MTV has started playing videos from "S&M" - the CD of the performance with the San Francisco Symphony. Check out the way cool contest to meet Metallica, you have to submit a question you would ask them at a Q&A session happening before the 11/23 show. Enter the contest - if you win you can hang out with me and Metallica in NYC - what could be better!!?!?!?

November 1, 1999
Finally saw "Fight Club", critics have either loved this or hated it. I vote pure genius. "Fight Club" is easily David Fincher's best film. It features a fantastic script, amazing performances by Brad Pitt, Edward Norton.... even Meat Loaf, a great score from The Dust Brothers, as well as some truly creative and original direction and production design.  I was pulled in from the very first frame, loved the subversive politics and found the ending quite satisfying - a rare feat in most Hollywood fare. We took Monday off for our anniversary and saw this with about three others in the theater and nobody but my laughing. Lori just sat in stunned silence (she thinks she liked it). This jumps right into my all time favorite list and needs multiple viewings. I loved it, you will probably hate it. See it anyway.

Here are some shots from Halloween. We made so many of the little trick-or-treaters cry that before long word spread and many parents were skipping our house. They are just gonna raise a bunch of pampered wusses, they should all be forced to see "Fight Club."

October 25, 1999
I attended the theatre this past weekend. Had front row seats to the critically acclaimed rock musical "Hedwig & The Angry Inch" in Boston and it was a total blast. If all musicals are this funny, rude, energetic, raunchy and just flat out rockin', I've been missing a lot. But since this story centers on the journey of "internationally ignored song stylist" Hedwig Schmidt and her(?) botched sex change (hence the "angry inch"), it seems rather unique in the world of Cats and Phantom of the Opera. Sample jokes - Hedwig mocks some rather stodgy looking audience members by saying it looks like they were expecting cats, but this show is about a whole different pussy. My favorite chorus from a great soundtrack  - "Six inches forward, Five inches back, I've got a, I've got an angry inch." This show is supposed to head out on a national tour and I highly recommend seeing it.

October 18, 1999
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes kicked ass this weekend. It was a no frills, no opener, flat out old fashioned rock n roll show. The crowd was incredibly psyched because the Red Sox had just beaten the Yankees (alas the only win of the series). There were even chants of "Yankees Suck" during the ovation before the encores. Even local boy Joe Perry of Aerosmith showed up and jammed on two songs - resulting in amazing guitar solo showdowns between all five guitarists. Click here for set list and Boston Globe review.

October 13, 1999
METALLICA's  S & M will be released Nov 23. Click here for track list. They are playing NYC with symphony on that date too. I will get tickets... I will get tickets... I will get tickets...

Tommy Lee was arrested on an outstanding warrant in North Carolina from an incident at a Crue show in 1997 during which he and bassist Nikki Sixx allegedly attempted to incite a riot. Nikki was bust on this a couple months ago. Meanwhile, T-Bone and Pamela reportedly plan to remarry, in the nude, Dec. 31. Hope my invitation is in the mail.

Off to see Black Crowes & Jimmy Page this Saturday. Check out "American Beauty" & "Three Kings" - they are both great flicks.

September 30, 1999
METALLICA have dubbed their upcoming live album with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra S & M (due Nov. 23). Rumored to be playing Madison Square Garden on that date also.

September 20, 1999
More Xterra pictures posted - you check out the First Aid Kit, Water Proof Seats and more.

This weekend I got tickets for the Black Crowes and Jimmy Page - they are doing Zep, Crowes and old Blues tunes. Should be sick.

August 25, 1999
KISS lip synched "God of Thunder" on WCW Nitro 8/23/99. It at least was a live version of the song, but Gene's lip synching was way off. The first of the "Warriors of KISS" made his grand appearance at end of song, which was also the end of the show. He came out in some sort of Spinal Tap-ish pod, which burst open to unveil a muscle head in Gene Simmons makeup.

Here is a good write up on the Springsteen show I went to from The Boston Globe.

August 23, 1999
Picked up my new Nissan Xterra on Saturday. It is sweet. Caught Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band Sunday for night two of his five nights in Boston. All the hype about his shows are true - just amazing.

Don't miss KISS tonight on WCW's Monday Night Nitro.

In personal news I'm picking up a brand new Nissan Xterra this Saturday.

August 18, 1999
In KISS news "Detroit Rock City" opened with a resounding THUD in 13th place last weekend. I personally boycotted the cheesy film and saw The Sixth Sense instead - which is great. KISS will be performing on WCW's Monday Night Nitro on August 23rd. They will be unveiling a new wrestling tag team "The Warriors of KISS", but reportedly only "The Demon" - the character based on Gene Simmons will be premiered.

In personal news I'm picking up a brand new Nissan Xterra this Saturday.

August 7, 1999
Updated KISS News regarding "Detroit Rock City" film and upcoming tour.

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