What Was New In 2002

December 30, 2002
Well the Patriots ended the season with a huge over time win against Miami and gave us all something to celebrate for a few hours until the hated NY Jets beat Green Bay that afternoon to bump the Pats out of the playoffs. Guess I'll just cue up some tapes and pretend it is last year :(

December 23, 2002
Well the Patriots totally sucked again this weekend, but "Lord of The Rings: Two Towers" was AMAZING. I liked it even more than the first flick.
And primary shooting on The First Easter Bunny is almost at an end!

December 12, 2002
Looks like I picked the right GN'R show to see. They've cancelled the rest of the tour.
Me and Lori both started SuperSlow workouts this week. It consists of one weekly short high-intensity workout.

December 3, 2002
Saw Guns N' Roses (or at least Axl Rose and seven buddies) last night at the Fleet Center in Boston. They were shockingly good. I went in with cautious optimism and was really blown away. Read the long winded details.

November 3, 2002
Friday was our 5th anniversary and Halloween party. We had a bash with just under 100 people at the Clubhouse at Gillette Stadium. My attention to photo taking fell apart about a half hour into the party - but here are a few shots. November 6, 2002 few more shots added .

The best costumes won tickets to upcoming Patriots' games - and the Pats beat Buffalo today. Yeah, all is well again. Also saw "Jackass: The Movie" this weekend - it was absolutely hilarious. I was in pain from laughing so much. A crowded theater is the best place for such wonderfully stupid entertainment.

October 23, 2002
Well the N.E. Patriots major role has come to a crashing halt - but maybe they'll get going again this Sunday against Denver.

KISS seems to have given up their retirement and have announced a Symphony show in Australia to take place on February 28, 2003. The concert will get the full Pay-Per-View and DVD treatment. The best part of this is that it seems to include original members Peter Criss and Ace Frehley - KISS has been making appearances this year with Eric Singer dressed as Peter Criss and Tommy Thayer dressed as Ace Frehley. A very sleazy thing, even for Gene Simmons. More details here.

"The First Easter Bunny" shooting has been going very well. You can learn more here.

September 26, 2002
The Patriots are on a major role. Finally added some shots from the first few visits to their new home - Gillette Stadium.

September 10, 2002
WoooHooo!!! Last night was the Inaugural Game for the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots at their new digs Gillette Stadium on Monday Night Football - and we were there. It was easily one of the most fun events I've ever been to - complete with a solid spanking of the whinny Pittsburgh Steelers. The crowd was insane and loud, there were fireworks and lasers galore. We sat next to Ty Law's family (who even bought me a beer) and a few rows in front of us was Willie McGinest's family - so any time either of those players were mentioned (which was quite often) our section went extra sick. The final score was 30 - 14, but it really should have been 37 - 7. The Pats had a touchdown off of a fumble called back after a replay and the cheesey Steelers used all their timeouts to try for a desperation score in the final seconds of the game instead of just accepting their humiliation. My voice is totally shot as if I just came back from a Metallica show. This is gonna be an awesome season. Here is a good article on the game from the Boston Globe.

September 7, 2002
On Thursday Sept 5th we caught THE ROLLING STONES at Gillette Stadium. This was the first stadium show and only the second night of their current tour. They played for over 2 hours, tossing off hit after hit and sounding great - just needed to crank up the volume a bit more for my tastes. Here is the Boston Globe review.

Today was the second weekend of shooting on the Easter Bunny Project and it is going quite well.

August 30, 2002
On Wednesday I caught the Sam and Dave Tour - SAMMY HAGAR and DAVID LEE ROTH. Sammy (who performed first on this night) put on a very high energy show and got the most out of his VAN HALEN songs - which were always a little too pop for me. Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony joined him a few songs into his set and jammed along on all the VH tunes. At the end of the show he brought out Gary Cherone (who is a local boy and was the latest lead singer for VH), Anthony again and even some of the guys from BOSTON for a rendition of "When It's Love." Sammy was in full party mode, opening the show with his own mini Behind The Music video and having about 30 fans on stage for the whole show. He seems to have turned into Jimmy Buffet recently - downing many drinks and plugging his Cabo Wabo club the whole night. After his set the crowd was abuzz with how impressive he had been and how tough it will be for Dave to top him.

David Lee Roth seems to somehow have aged only from the neck up - which unfortunately includes his vocal chords. He stills has the body he did in his 20's and kicking and prancing all over the stage in his purple spandex. While his voice certainly doesn't sound the same as on the old CDs, the strength of the classic Van Halen songs and a great young backing band carried the night. I wouldn't say he topped Sammy - but he was far better than I feared he might be. By the end of the night I had heard the best Van Halen set list and seen four members of the band - but not a single Van Halen brother - pretty strange. Check out the Boston Globe review, which almost matches my impressions of the show exactly.

In other news, Jason Newsted has just let ECHO BRAIN, the side project that was part of the reason for leaving METALLICA. I for one hope this leads to his getting back into the METALLICA family. They have not replaced him and are currently recording in San Francisco - all reports are for a very "metal" disc being put together. :)

August 19, 2002
On August 14th, DROWNING POOL lead singer Dave Williams was found dead on his tour bus while on tour with OzzFest 2002. I was fortunate enough to see DROWNING POOL three times and their debut CD really rocks. I saw them just last month at OzzFest and they were a major highlight. Here is a journal entry regarding that show from drowningpool.com by Stevie the bass player.

Boston show – Day 1. What happened tonight was unbelievable. The crowd was fuckin’ crazy. They destroyed the lawn. During Bodies huge chunks of grass were making it all the way to the stage. Shit was flying everywhere. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. After our set, some people from the venue were trying to accuse us of inciting a riot and causing all the destruction. It’s not our fault the people in Boston are crazy. Thanks so much to everyone involved in the chaos. This was a show we’ll never forget. – STEVIE

Dave was only 30 and no official cause of death has been given yet. Rumors are that he chocked to death on his own vomit.

In happier news, we attended the first football game in the new New England Patriots home Gillette Stadium on Saturday. The facility is simply amazing - now I only hope the team will be too. METALLICA has launched a new web site that lets you check up on them in the recording studio - Jump In The Studio.

August 12, 2002
Some photos from Iceland are live - but this is still very much a work in progress.

"We've Got Johnny" has been accepted for screening at film festivals in California - Big Bear Lake International Film Festival, Sept 13 -15 and Lake Arrowhead Celebration of Film, Sept 27 - 29. Also got some recent press in Lake Arrowhead's Mountain News, you can read it at www.GotJohnny.com.

August 8, 2002
We have returned from our trip to Iceland and it was a blast. Many photos and descriptions will be showing up here soon. For now you can check out some of the Icelandic action at LarryTheLizard.com. How does that damn lizard get his web site updated so quickly?

As soon as I was back from Iceland I was off to a three day film making class at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. The class was quite cool and we actually shot a scene in HDTV. Monday night we were then off to CMGI Field - renamed that night to Gillette Stadium - for an evening New England Patriots practice. The power went out twice, so the Monday Night Football season opener should be exciting.

July 17, 2002
Wow! Yesterday was the BEST OZZFEST so far. Read all the details.

July 15, 2002
Tomorrow it is OZZFEST 2002 at Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA. This show keeps getting longer. The first band starts at 9:30am and ANDREW WK who I was looking forward to seeing goes on at 9:55am. And I thought being inside the show last year at 12:30 was early. Might have to commit to the whole damn day.

July 13, 2002
Saw RUSH last night and they were phenomenal. This is their first tour in 5 years and they aren't bothering with an opening band. Instead, they are playing two sets with a brief intermission for a totally sick 3 hour show. I'm pretty much just a fan via the radio so there were plenty of songs that I didn't know, but they are such amazing musicians every song was a pleasure. The stage was sparse with a nice wide video screen behind them for nice close ups and graphic flourishes and 3 clothes dryers spinning all night behind bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee. Don't ask me why. The show opened with "Tom Sawyer" and since it was still light out you could see the whole crowd air-drumming along with Neil Peart. Peart truly is God on drums, playing on 360° of drums and being the only rock drummer with worthwhile and original drum solos. Other personal highlights were "YYZ", "Limelight", "2112 Overture", "Temples of Syrinx" "La Villa Strangiato" and "The Spirit of Radio". Click here for Boston Globe review.

Also saw "Reign of Fire" and "Road to Perdition" this weekend. Perdition is a very good depression era mob morality tale with great performances by Paul Newman and Tom Hanks. It was based on a graphic novel (comic) and has some really cool shots and angles. It is a surprising movie to find in the summer - it is a slow paced, adult drama featuring Hanks cast against type as a mob hitman. While "Reign of Fire" is just a great fun ride of a summer movie. In 2020 dragons have been awoken and scorched the earth. Just a few pockets of humans are left. Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale (of American Psycho fame) both kick some ass and have lots of fun. Features some great effects, a few jumps and laughs - but none of the unintentional kind that can come from a bad monster movie. Both movies are highly recommended.

July 11, 2002
Last night was saw TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS in Manchester NH. This was my third time seeing Petty (almost a year to the day since last seeing him) and once again he failed to disappoint. A set of all the hits with some extended jams and a couple new tunes from the upcoming album which won't be released until October. This was first time at this arena and the place surprisingly made a hell of a lot of noise and most of the crowd was on its feet all night. The BRIAN SETZER TRIO opened and they did nice short rockabilly set - we saw them last summer from the 5th row at the Melody Tent on Cape Cod, so seeing them in an arena wasn't as cool. See review from NH Union Leader.

Tuesday Lori and I both passed our Motorcycle Riding Class and are now licensed. Friday night I'm off to RUSH. Check out my full list of concerts for this year.

June 20, 2002
Picked up Lori's used Sportster last night from Sheldon's. She bought without ever even starting it and she was quite surprised when it started up with that thunderous Harley roar - no stock pipes on this bike. I had to ride it home since Lori doesn't know how to ride yet. We are both taking a rider class next month. It is so much smaller than my Road King, I felt like I was riding a minibike -but it sounds like a tank. Here are the first pictures of both bikes.

June 18, 2002
Picked up my new Harley-Davidson Road King on Saturday at Sheldon's in Auburn Mass. It was raining all day but I couldn't wait any longer so my first drive on it was a lovely 50 degree rainy 45 miles home. This isn't my actual bike but it is the model and color - check it out.

June 13, 2002
Last night I saw the Rock Never Stops Tour featuring SKID ROW, JACKYL, VINCE NEIL & TESLA. It was originally to be at FleetBoston Pavilion - a tented amphitheater at Boston Harbor, but due to low sales it was moved to Avalon - a club. At first I was disappointed by the venue change but it was a great move. SKID ROW was up first and played a smoking set of their hits "I Remember You", "18 and Life" and of course "Youth Gone Wild". They have a new singer who looks like David Lee Roth in his prime and sounds just like Sebastian Bach. They really had to crowd going from the first note and played my favorite Skid's tune - "Piece of Me." Everyone should have the opportunity to scream and pump their fists to "Youth Gone Wild" in a club, it was the balls. Next was JACKYL, which I expected to be the low point of the evening - but they were entertaining enough to enjoy and pass the time. They closed with their silly hit from a decade ago "Lumberjack Song", complete with chainsaw solo. Next was VINCE NEIL who did a sweet set of MOTLEY CRUE hits including "Kickstart My Heart", "Knock 'em Dead Kid", "Red Hot", "Piece of Your Action", "Girls, Girls, Girls", "Same 'ol Situation", "Dr. Feelgood", "Looks That Kill", and "Livewire". All three bands did 45 minute sets and then about 11:50pm TESLA got going. The shitty part about the show moving to a club meant everything ran later and since Boston still operates on a Puritan schedule we had to ditch at 12:30am to catch the subway - which we missed anyway. Did see TESLA cover BLACK SABBATH's "War Pigs", and play their hits "Signs" & "Little Suzi". Overall a great and exhausting show.

May 29, 2002
Our next adventure has been booked, we will be off to Iceland in July. Check out the details.
Saw "Insomnia" this weekend - great movie. And it was nice to see a serious, quality movie with a packed audience.

May 23, 2002
Saw "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" last night. I was so disappointed by Episode 1 that I didn't bother rushing out to see Episode II, but I must say I loved it. Far better than #1, which actually put me to sleep both times I've seen it. The final third of "Clones" is just nonstop action that erased all memories of the slower uneven parts of the film leading up to the climax. Overall it just rocks.

May 6, 2002
Photos from NFL Draft Day 2002 are up. Join Larry The Lizard as he checks out CMGI Field and meets some Patriots.

Saw "Spider-Man" this weekend. It is a blast.

May 3, 2002
Today is a new low in Kisstory. Tonight on ABC you can see KISS (sort of) perform "Detroit Rock City" on "American Bandstand's 50th Anniversary". This is a farce because Eric Singer will be dressed as Peter Criss (this charade has been going on for awhile - Japanese Tour and Winter Olympic performance) but now Tommy Thayer (their tour manager) will impersonate Ace Frehley.

April 26, 2002
Check out Drew Bledsoe's full page ad from today's Boston Globe and Herald saying goodbye to New England.

I must really be getting old because this summer's concert lineup is looking very light for me. So far I'm headed to OZZFEST (of course), RUSH, and Rock Never Stops Tour featuring TESLA, VINCE NEIL, JACKYL, & SKID ROW.

April 22, 2002
ALICE IN CHAINS' vocalist Layne Staley was found dead in his home on April 19. Reports indicate he had been dead for a few days and it appears to be a drug overdose. Layne had battled heroin for many years. This really sucks, AIC was a great band and unfortuanltey I never got to see them live. They were supposed to open for METALLICA a few years ago but it never happened due to Layne's addictions.

In better news - we spent April 20 at the Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots' draft party. Photos of us with the Lombardi Trophy and players will be coming soon (they are up). And good luck to Drew Bledsoe in Buffalo!

April 5, 2002
MEGADETH founder Dave Mustaine has announced that the group will be disbanding. Dave has been diagnosed with Radial Neuropathy, an injury that caused severe nerve damage to his left arm and has left him unable to play the guitar - in Dave's words: "I have decided to exit Megadeth, and explore other areas of the music business where I might make a contribution without being able to play my instrument". See his full statement.

March 11, 2002
Holy Crap! "We've Got Johnny" won the Audience Award at the F4 Festival. This came as a major shock to me. I didn't stick around for any post award interview but we did get another mention in the local news paper.

March 8, 2002
Some local press coverage for "We've Got Johnny" and the opening of the F4 Film Festival in Fitchburg Mass.

March 4, 2002
"We've Got Johnny" gets its public premiere this Saturday at the F4 Film Festival in Fitchburg Mass. Learn more about the movie or the festival

February 6, 2002
The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI and we were there! There were actually many more Patriots fans than Rams fans in New Orleans, at least fans who were out and going sick. Most Rams fans we saw were older, upper class types who seemed more reserved and sedate so maybe they just hid in their rooms till game time. We got into New Orleans on January 31st - in the middle of Mardi Gras and left Monday February 4th, the day after The Silence of The Rams. We went sick on Bourbon Street, checked out The NFL Experience, got my eye brow pierced, saw Bruin's Great - Ray Bourque, Red Sox star - Nomar Garciaparra .... and of course witnessed the greatest Super Bowl yet! Check it all out.

January 27, 2002
The New England Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 24 to 17 to win the AFC Championship. Their next stop - as well as mine - New Orleans and Super Bowl XXXVI.

January 25, 2002
Saw BILLY JOEL & ELTON JOHN last night at the Fleet Center in Boston. This was night two of five sold out shows they have. Before you give me any shit about seeing this show - it was a Christmas gift for Lori. I don't think I've considered myself an Elton John fan since I was 10 and its been at least 15 years since I thought it might be worth checking out Billy Joel. They both don't look to good but they put on awesome shows. Billy looks like he could be Stone Cold Steve Austin's dad - closely shaved head, gray goatee and very chunky. Elton is fatter and balder - under his wig. They opened the night together performing 3 songs starting with "Your Song". Then Elton John did a full set with his band, followed by a full set by Billy Joel and his band. Finally everyone jammed together for an 8 song set that included covers of "Here Comes The Sun" and "Great Balls of Fire". During Billy's set they even covered AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" with a giant roadie named Chainsaw taking lead vocals - this wasn't just a tease of a chorus, they played the entire tune. This was a major surprise and highlight - even the 90 year-old looking guy next to me was on his feet. But many other times the crowd just sat on their asses - making me swear this is my last old fogeys show - well except for the never ending KISS farewell tour. Check out Boston Globe review of the opening night.

January 21, 2002
Wow I can feel my ass! It has finally thawed since seeing the Patriots - Raiders playoff game in Foxborough during a snow storm. I got playoff tickets because I bought club seats for the new stadium that opens next year. What an awesome, down-to-the-wire game! People just stayed in the stadium singing, dancing and celebrating long after overtime ended. If the Pats make it to the Super Bowl - I've got two seats set aside for me. Next stop Pittsburgh.

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