Wednesday, September 21, 2005

IA Day 8: Meow! Cat Fight

The Illegal Aliens make their first appearanceToday was a very easy shoot day. One location all day, a small Knights of Columbus bar. So only minimal equipment could even be used, and good thing since the one bummer was that the bar was on the second floor. I ended up as a Goon Extra and was in a scene with all three Illegal Aliens for the first time. I just had to keep straining my neck to check out their asses. Also was just inches away from the first on set cat fight between a couple actresses. It got pretty tense and ugly quite quickly. One actress was treating a crew member rather rudely (not for the first time) when another actress told her to stop yelling at people. Then it grew into a war of words between them with each wanting the last word even with the director standing in between them telling them both to act like professionals. Threats of being fired and dares to do so were exchanged by the girls. Fun stuff.
In the afternoon I was a different Goon, watching in horror as Chyna as the villain Rex kills my boss Big Tony. Even got some closeup action in that one. I'm not even sure if I'm the same Goon in all my scenes or not, but I'm gonna be all over this thing, and most of the time in the same red shirt (Damn, just like Star Trek. The Red Shirt guys always get killed!)
A Current Affair will be here tomorrow, but due to some past bad blood Anna Nicole Smith will not talk to them, so another syndicated show will show up later this weekend that she'll cooperate with. And Burt Reynolds' name has surfaced again for a small role as a hologram who helps the Illegal Aliens - those scenes will be shot later with whoever ends up in the role.
Once the day was wrapped after twelve hours, the crew got to stay at the K of C and have the director, David Giancola, play bartender for us.

Here is the script for the Vermont Ch. 3 feature last night - they don't post video clips, only scripts. Bizarre;

Rutland's Edgewood Studios has carved out a niche making special effects-driven movies that seem bigger than what you'd expect from their modest budgets. ((sound of movie clapper)) Adding a little extra muscle to their latest production -- former professional wrestler Joanie Laurer. Known to her fans as "Chyna."
((Joanie Laurer: 15:40: I will be happy when I get my Oscar or star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.)) In "Illegal Aliens" she plays a violent visitor from outer space bent on protecting her home planet. She tangles with Anna Nicole Smith. Sure makes pro wrestling seem normal. ((Joanie Laurer: 17:06: You can't take yourself too seriously.)) ((Jack Thurston: 26:41: We wanted to talk to the movie's co-star, Anna Nicole Smith. But her publicist said she just wasn't feeling well.))
((Dave Giancola: The thing about Anna Nicole Smith is that you can't tell when she's in character or just being herself.)) The sci-fi spoof is a departure for Edgewood -- best known for its disaster, action, and horror movies.
((Dave Giancola: 23:11: It's not so much a movie, but more or less a cinematic traffic accident. I mean, it's Chyna versus Anna Nicole Smith. How could you not watch? Jack Thurston: That's a good thing? A cinematic traffic accident? Dave Giancola: Yeah I think so.))
((Dave Giancola: 23:45: The film speaks on the deterioration of American culture, TV, and movies.)) "Illegal Aliens" continues shooting for the next week. Jack Thurston, Channel 3 News, in Rutland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know about all of this. Is there anyway u can add one or two more Chyna pics for her millions of fans to see? We'd really appericate it. Thanx

Thursday, September 22, 2005 12:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Kalyn said...

Did you guys know that Joanie Chynna Laurer is a recovered alcoholic? Drinking around her might not be the best bet.


Thursday, September 22, 2005 8:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Ian said...

Thanks for all the updates. This movie will be great!

Thursday, September 22, 2005 4:23:00 PM  
Blogger AF Grant said...

I've got tons more photos. Just need the time to post them. Fear not you will get plenty of other Chyna shots.

Thursday, September 22, 2005 10:10:00 PM  

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