Germany Itinerary, May 2009

German Flag

Blog Post from Germany May 5, 2009


Arrive from Boston Saturday May 4th
Spend night in Frankfurt.

Sunday - Head down to Munich and spend the night. 

Monday - go to Dauchau concentration  camp.  Germany's most detailed museum on concentration camps.
Monday afternoon - take train to Gramsich Partenkirtchen and Oberammergau, spend 2 nights in traditional Bavarian hotel.
From here we can see true Bavaria and travel to two castles including Neuschwanstein CastleNeuschwanstein Castle
Extremely beautiful and picturesque.  Just about 20 minutes from Innsbruck, Austria too. Garmisch once hosted the Winter Olympics. The highest peak in Germany is here, the Zugspitz. Vee says this is the prettiest area in Germany.

Wednesday - Head to Matt and Vee's house in the infamous town of Katzweiler - just outside of Kaiserslautern. Katzweiler is the typical German village that you pass every 10 minutes.  One pub, one restaurant, one small market. In other words, nothing much is happening here.

Thursday and Friday and we can do a few train day trips to Heidleberg and Austria.

Saturday - METALLICA concert in Stuttgart so we'll spend the night there.

Sunday - day trip into France.

Monday - Hang out in Frankfurt until flight back to Boston.

Map of Germany