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Travel Tips, Ideas & Suggestions

On every trip we've been fortunate to meet some fantastic people and learn some great tips from our fellow travelers. It is finally time to share them. Every this I suggest was either successfully used by Lori and I or by someone we've met in our many travels.

I'm not into cruise ships, normal tourist spots, or vacations consisting of just sitting on a beach. If you are - good for you, but you won't find much here for such lame trips. I sit on my ass plenty in real life, for my vacations I want to do something different, something totally sick! Plenty of time to sleep and relax when I'm dead.

Great Web Sites and Catalogs
iExplore - I love this site. The leading online seller of international adventure and experiential travel. Whether you want active trips, like hiking, biking and rafting, or experiential trips, like cultural tours, safaris or expedition cruises, iExplore is your one-stop-shop. Great site with info, reviews, experts, journals and more. Competitive prices, great newsletter, and some exclusive trips often in conjunction with National Geographic who was an early investor in the site. I've yet to actually book travel with them, and you don't need to to make great use of the site.

TravelZoo has a great free newsletter with last minute sales and deals on flights, hotels and packages.

Overseas Adventure Travel - another great adventure tour operator specializing in small groups. OAT has a wide variety of trips and a great color catalog.

REI Adventures - The REI stores also run trips and have a great reputation for active travel featuring hiking, cycling, paddling, climbing and adventure cruises to all corners of the globe. And of course, they have a fantastic catalog.

Country Walkers
Request a catalog online for these unique all-inclusive walking adventures. They feature over 50 destinations throughout the world promising intimate groups and cultural immersion.

When money is no object (you can always send me some!) and you want to be pampered on your adventures, the biggest name is Abercrombie & Kent. Personally I prefer less costly alternatives and enjoy getting dirty and stinky on trips. But their web site and catalogues are great to get ideas from.

Interested in travelling and changing the world?

Use your vacation to assist a non-profit group. You may be eligable for a charitable deduction on your U.S. Federal Income Taxes and you'll have a much more meaningful experience than going to Disney.

EarthWatch Institute has over 125 research expeditions to participate in them. Visit and request a catalog. Your research can involve animals, archeology, culture, and the environment.

Another wonderful charity I give to often has travel opportunities as well. Heiffer International is out to end world hunger by giving gifts of animals to families


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