My German Summer Metal Intern


Each summer I choose an underprivileged foreigner
and show him the ways of The Great Satan - The U.S.A.

In exchange for room and board Matt served as my man servant for the summer.  Here he is enjoying his one day off - his final day in America.

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Matt Enjoys His One Day Off

AF & Jim at OzzFestOne of my German Summer Metal Interns most important duties is getting me and my boyz to shows. Matt took this shot of me and Jim at OzzFest. Matt also had to fetch our cocktails throughout the day and warn us when security was coming, to allow us to curtail any illegal activities. Since Matt had diplomatic immunity, he carried everything that was legally questionable.
Jim & Matt Tubbin'The powerful charisma of my German Summer Metal Intern forces Jim to question his own sexuality in the hot tub.
Young GeneDuring meet the neighbors day, my German Summer Metal Intern dressed the area children up as his favorite heavy metal stars.


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