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Uses StormPay and EMO
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I've been paid twice. Everything working just as described so far and I continue to invest.

Feb 3 Update: StormPay has frozen the accounts of many AutoSurf and HYIP programs. Don't know what is going on, but you can't join or get paid from most programs right now.

The hottest program running. Highly Recommended.
* 12% Daily
*Upgrade lasts 12 days
* 12% Referral Commission
* Payments automatic on upgrade expiration
* Payment within 7 business days

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Uses PayPal, StormPay and e-Gold

Steady and reliable.
* 1% Daily for surfing 50 sites
* Upgrades last forever
* 10% Referral Commission
* Payment every Saturday

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Uses PayPal, StormPay and e-Gold
Steady and reliable.
* 2% Daily for surfing 50 sites
* Upgrades last 2 years
* 6% Referral Commission
* Pays out monthly

Uses StormPay
* 5% Daily
* Upgrades last 25 days
* Surf 25 sites
* 10% Referral Commission
* Minimum Cashout: $15
On 1st and 15th of each month you can withdraw or compound earnings.

Dad n Daves

Uses PayPal, StormPay and e-Gold

* This program is open to new subscribers for a limited time only.
* 1% Daily

Payment Processors and Helpful Tools:
RoboForm -- great tool to create, track and use passwords.

Firefox is the BEST for autosurfing thanks to its Tabs feature. Surf multiple programs at once.
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