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Belize, 2005

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After The Black Hole Drop we spent the night in Petroglyph Cave. Mayan symbols could still be seen at cave entrance, and the cave itself held many surprises...
The view from our new home, Petroglyph Cave. (54kb)
Looking out from our cave home
Looking out from our 'room' (36kb) Looking straight up from camp. (24kb) Lone evil tree (41kb) It is so humid you can see the water in the air. (38kb)
Due to recent rain random water drops on us, creating a night long Chinese water torture. (44kb)
The bedroom
SWEET!!  Larry The Lizard smuggled a Champagne bottle into his pack. (41kb)
Good job Larry!
Larry has first watch tonight. (17kb)
Larry stands guard
Quartz Crystals shimmer everywhere -- until they are touched by human hands and destroyed. (39kb) We help Edgar and Augustine whip up some jungle stew. (45kb)
Cave cooking
The next morning we explore deeper into the cave. (43kb) Lori does not appreciate this. (47kb) Augustine points out where we rapelled yesterday. (44kb) The Black Hole Drop - 296' straight down. (79kb) The Maya thought evil spirits lived in the caves and they performed human sacrifices right here. (71kb)
The remains of a young Mayan 'volunteer' (65kb) Only way out is straight up. (125kb)
The only way out
Long, shaky, rusty ladders are another of Lori's favorite things. (116kb)
Oh great

Don't look down
Now she has to nail the dismount. (64kb)
The dismount
Sweaty, stinky & muddy - but never happier. (85kb)
Never looked better
Looking back at our cave home. (143kb) Larry chats with all the Caves Branch guides. (121kb)
Gathering around the limo
AF Grant & Larry The Lizard (145kb) Goin' Sick at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. (131kb)
Time for a quick game of A stroll along the jungle on our last morning in Belize. (112kb) We end up at The Blue Hole National Park. (100kb)
The Blue Hole
That certainly is a blue hole.  See all the fish?  They swim right into you. (78kb)
Blue Hole National Park
We had the Blue Hole all to ourselves. (81kb)
Some bald guy making the water bluer (15kb)
some bald guy swimming
Poorly swimming, stinky bald guy. (10kb)
This river goes all the way to the Petroglyph cave we spent last night in. (62kb) Lori tries a little bird watching.  (149kb)
Lori bird watching
Lori of the jungle. (163kb)
Jungle weed along the Hummingbird Loop. (147kb)
Jungle weed
One Hell of a custom 4x4 from Arizona. (84kb)
Totally sick custom rig
Driving through Belize City, Belize. (79kb)
Downtown Belize City
Belikin; The only brewery in Belize. (60kb)
Belikin Beer
Last stop for food and booze; Jet's Bar in Belize  (76kb)
Fine dining at the airport

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