Belize, 2005

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February 25, 2005; We leave Boston for Caves Branch Jungle Lodge in Belize. Lovely Newark (46kb)
The lovely floor of Newark NJ Airport.
Mmmm... bed (73kb)
Much better... our bungalow at Caves Branch.
Guatemalan Border (98kb)
Off to Guatemala
Wild Turkey (149kb)
Wild Turkey
After being in Belize just a couple days, we headed across the border into Guatemala to check out one of the largest Mayan cities - Tikal.
Turkey or Peacock? (151kb)
Wild Turkey of Guatemala
Temple I (90kb)
Tikal, Guatemala
Tikal (100kb)
Ancient Mayan City of Tikal
Temple Peak (73kb)
Temples Tower Above Canopy
Nice Face (75kb)
Mayan God
Lori at Tikal (103kb)
Lori on just a few of the many steps.
Larry The Lizard at Tikal (57kb)
Larry The Lizard: Lord of Tikal
Lots of steps (61kb)
That's a lot of steps
Lori & AF at Tikal (82kb)
Lori and AF at Tikal, Guatemala
Tikal Temple (67kb)
Ancient temple breaks through the canopy
Base of Temple III  (140kb)
The base of Temple III
Temple III (86kb)
Peak of Temple III
Temple III (81kb)
Temple III in Tikal
Feel The Pain (128kb)
Lori climbs the many steps up Temple IV
Tikal (50kb)
The skyline of Tikal from Temple IV
Tikal Skyscrapers (43kb)
Tikal served as another planet in "Star Wars"
Ancient City of Tikal (56kb)
The view from Temple IV, the tallest in Tikal
Larry Gazes (56kb)
"The Mayans were totally sick!" says Larry
AF & Lori on Temple IV  (92kb)
On Top of Temple IV in Tikal
Tikal (78kb)
Temples are thousands of years old
Heading back down  (142kb)
The long journey back down.
Pyramid  (61kb)
Mayan Pyramid
New Dig (90kb)
Only 10% of Tikal has been uncovered.
Recent Finds  (131kb)
Seems any mound or hill in jungle could be hiding ancient buildings.
Stumps (138kb)
It is a slow process to uncover ruins without destroying them.
Roots  (157kb)
Trees must die first or the roots will rip the structures apart when they are removed.
Rounded Temple (113kb)
Fancy rounded corners on this one.
Larry & Louis (76kb)
Larry and Louis, our guide for Tikal
Andy & Lori  (54kb)
AF & Lori in Guatemala
Tikal was totally sick. Our guide Louis was great and was a real Mayan expert. They knew way more than I ever thought they did. Also discovered there are still Mayans all around. I thought they had all been killed off, but it was just there huge cities that failed over time.
Aerial Trek  (73kb)
Lori & AF visit Jaguar Paw for zip line canopy tour.
Canopy Tour  (130kb)
240' of jungle fun
Lori Zips In (114kb)
Lori comes in for landing
Aerial Trek Platform (133kb)
Aerial Trek Canopy Tour
Amigos  (92kb)
Local watering hole, Amigos
Market place  (115kb)
Market in Belmopan, Belize
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