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Belize, 2005

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Shopping Mall (92kb)
Shopping for fruit that U.S. Customs ends up taking away.
Belmopan (72kb)
Downtown Belmopan, Belize
Amish Folks (53kb)
Amish in Belize
Carlos and Lori (39kb)
Preparing for Waterfall Cave Expedition
Sperlunking  (40kb)
Nothing is quite as refreshing as hiking through cave in 95% humidity.
BATS! (71kb)
Little insect eating bats are all over the caves.
Yuck!  (73kb)
Then some big ugly dudes too.
Larry Chillin'  (67kb)
Larry tells us to go on without him
No Focus (45kb)
Very hard to focus in pitch black caves.
Stalagmites (50kb)
Caves 101: Stalagmites grow up. Stalactites grow down.
P3020123.jpg (46kb)
Formations of all shapes and sizes
P3020124.jpg (55kb)
P3020127.jpg (10kb)
No Flash
P3020128.jpg (91kb)
More rocks
P3020131.jpg (15kb)
Spotlight on Larry & Lunch
P3020133.jpg (47kb)
I'm blinded
P3020134.jpg (46kb)
You can see the humidity
P3020139.jpg (30kb)
Now we must swim.
P3020140.jpg (9kb)
Wow, its dark
P3020141.jpg (17kb)
P3020143.jpg (27kb) P3020144.jpg (48kb) P3020145.jpg (23kb) P3020146.jpg (47kb) P3020147.jpg (57kb)
P3020148.jpg (33kb) P3020150.jpg (62kb)
Larry goes sick spelunking
P3020151.jpg (29kb)
Never lose site of person in front of you
P3020154.jpg (37kb)
Let there be light!
P3030162.jpg (85kb)
The Jungle Limo
Our final adventure at Caves Branch was the Overnight Caving Trip. It started with the toughest hike of the week to get to The Black Hole Drop, where we would rappel 296' into a huge sink hole. After lunch at bottom most people would head back to the lodge, but we (along with two guides) continued on.
P3030164.jpg (121kb)
I don't see any trail
P3030165.jpg (147kb)
Please carry my crap
P3030166.jpg (99kb)
We're supposed to do what?
P3030170.jpg (120kb)
Lori lets Marcie go ahead of her
P3030172.jpg (121kb)
Peter and Marcie hit the big drop side by side.
P3030173.jpg (123kb)
Just one more step
P3030174.jpg (85kb)
Nice to have known you
P3030175.jpg (85kb)
Just a couple hundred more feet to go
P3030176.jpg (62kb)
Don't look up or down
P3030177.jpg (79kb)
Yay! Earth.
P3030179.jpg (96kb)
AF & Lori - very stylish
P3030180.jpg (108kb)
296 Feet
P3030182.jpg (111kb)
Official Photo Op
P3030183.jpg (116kb)
Jungle Love
P3030185.jpg (37kb)
Our new home

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