Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flame On!

We fled our ice palace Saturday morning and headed to my mom's on the Cape. Sounds like our street got power back just a few hours after we left, so we came back home Sunday morning and everything is back to normal - at least for us; there are still many, many thousands without power. We actually have more broken branches hanging by a thread in the trees than have hit the ground so there could still be problems for awhile. My brother-in-law's house in NH is done to 37 inside!

What most trees look like Beautiful once sun came out
Front of house

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice World

Woke up this morning at 5am to what sounded like shotgun blasts, then realized the power was out and the sounds were trees being ripped into pieces. The worst ice storm I've ever experienced hit overnight. Looking out every window was the beautiful image of everything coated in ice, while on the ground huge branches and twisted trees bent over so much I'm waiting for them to snap. Went out and took some pictures, while I could hear things crashing to the ground, sounding like a Tyrannosaurus running through the neighborhood. After dragging a few branches out of the driveway, and having to remember how garage door openers work without power, I went into the office since they did have power. As of now there seems to be no good news as to when power might return. Might be headed home soon just to grab Lori and Homer and have everyone camp out in my cube for the weekend. Provided I can find a gas station with power before my fumes run out.

Here is some good coverage with video and photos from the Boston Globe.
Nearly 1 Million Without Power After Ice Storm

Whenever I get power at home I'll throw some of my photos up.