Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a Year, What a Decade!

The past year has been an amazing ride and when I look at all that has happened over the decade. Wow! Each year seems to go by faster than the prior one. I can still remember when a summer lasted forever. I always thought it was only old people who said such things but 1999 does not feel like it was ten years ago.

This year alone, I stepped foot in six different countries (yet still haven't posted photos - d'oh!). Even with all the traveling Lori and I have done this decade, I would've been shocked to predict visiting six countries in one year. Since 2000 we've been to 14 countries - not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that. We are so fortunate to have had so many "trips of a lifetime" I'm actually running out of places I've always wanted to see - but I still have some, don't worry. And what a decade to be a sports fan in New England; 3 Super Bowl Championships for the Patriots (we got to see two of them live), 2 World Series Championships for the Red Sox and a return to the NBA crown for the Celtics. I made a 10 year commitment for my New England Patriots season tickets and I got the best decade in football.

2009 had my spiritual journey continue in unfathomable ways. I don't think "spiritual" was even in my vocabulary in 2000. I'm sure if anyone told me I'd be meditating on a daily basis with Holosync, and loving it, I'd think they were crazy. We discovered the Morelli's with their 40 Days, 40 Nights program last May and continued with the Prosperity Tribe. We had a true roller coaster ride in our experiences with James Ray, the lessons from that continue to unfold. All in all it was a GREAT year, full of unexpected highs and lows. When you come down to it, that is what life is all about. More highs than lows is always nice too.

2010 kicks off with the Oneness Experiment, 40 days of group meditations. Then plans get foggy as we're scheduled for two week long events with James Ray this year, but those seem unlikely to happen to say the least. I do know it is going to be a banner year for Larry The Lizard as well as my memoir and screenplays. I didn't have time to do any acting in '09 but that will change in 2010 as I anticipate a major job change. I look forward to every moment and appreciate every one I've had.

Live life to the fullest and have a fantastic new year!

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Interviews Regarding James Ray

I've been getting enough requests for links for my television appearances this week pertaining to James Ray and the death of Colleen Conaway that I've decided to post them instead of responding to each individual.

Tuesday December 8th, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 did a segment on James Ray and spoke to Colleen's family and to me. You can watch the piece here:
CNN's Gary Tuchman was such a class act. The interview was December 7th and he called twice before the piece aired on the 8th to run it by me and make sure I was comfortable with what he said. He also called after it aired and again the next day to check a new fact.

ABC's Nightline spoke to me back on November 10, but they didn't air the segment until December 8th as well.
This article has more details than the video version:

I was hesitant to do either interview at all, but I'm glad I went through with them. I felt a tremendous release doing it, I didn't even care if it aired. I've spoken with Colleen's sister Lynn a few times and she called me yesterday to thank me for doing the interviews. Doing anything to make her family feel the slightest relief made it all worth doing. Since the airings I've received so much support. It's really taken me by surprise. Even my favorite bloggers who were once accusing me of murder have changed their tune (but I still won't be talking to you).

Nightline did a full show on James and had a surprise - former employee Melinda Martin, whom I remembered from Creating Absolute Wealth in San Diego. Melinda had some new information that hit me hard.

Through both interviews I maintained that James hadn't known that the suicide I witnessed was of a seminar participant. But now I know he did. Now I know he lied right to my face and instructed his staff to lie to anyone who asked about Colleen. Last night the news broke that James' right hand man, Greg Hartle, witnessed Colleen's death too.

Until I saw the Nightline segment I expected to attend future James Ray events, in fact I'm all paid up for three more events. I can't imagine they'll ever happen. If they do, I can't imagine having the trust or respect in James needed to attend them.

But I must say, I did find plenty of value in the work I did do with James. There are many things I've done in the past year that wouldn't have happened without my attending his seminars. I learned a lot from him and continue to do so. My willingness to go on TV was due in a large part to his teaching's about pushing through fear. So I am indeed grateful for attending everything I did.

The growth continues. Especially for him. Hopefully this is the end of the story until Arizona authorities announce what charges they'll be filing.