Halloween 2002

November 1, 2002
Gillette Stadium Clubhouse

AF & Lori
By day we seem somewhat normal
Prom Night
Our 5th Anniversary
Lori deadens herself
AF Grant
What 5 years of marriage does to a man
Finishing Touches
A few finishing touches

The dead rise

By night - pure evil

The Happy Dead Couple
Cake of the Damned
The Cake
Mmmm.... gravestones
Delicious gravestones
Larry Goes Sick
Even Larry The Lizard dressed up
Arrr, I'm Larry The Pirate Lizard
Larry came as a pirate
Ride the Fat Boy
Lori, Dick & Judy
Del Spam
Del as spam
Mmmm.... delicious porn
Don't read if you are under 18
Somebody at the party must owe money
Haunted Gingerbread House
Haunted Gingerbread House
Lori & Andy?
Yet another shot of AF & Lori
Hired Goon
A hired goon

and his crew
The UMass crowd
Some people didn't dress up at all
Lori & Andy?
Best Costume - Jen & Kevin as Lori & Andy
Land Shark
Mmmm....Sexy Flu
The hottest cheerleader on the squad
Nice Sweats
The Massachusetts contingent of Tony's crew
Mobster Love
Mobster love
Anna Nicole & Lori
Anna Nicole makes an appearance

The winners
Fearsome Foursome

  Kevin, AF, Lori & Jen
Who is the real AF & Lori?

More to come soon

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