The Viking Challenge - Itinerary

July 27 - August 3, 2002

Reykjavik Harbor

Viking Sculpture

Not a single tree

Brennivin Shots

The coast of Snaefellsnes

Larry & Lori at Super Jeep



Lori climbing around Mt. Snaefell

Mt. Snaefell


Barren wasteland

Pingvellir National Park

Lori at Pingvellir

A geysir eruption caught from the bus

Gullfoss waterfall


Mammoth falls of Gullfoss

Straight into a geysir



Ready for White Water

Icelandic countryside

Glaciers and grass

Mount Hekla

Myrdalsjökull Glacier

AF & Lori on Myrdalsjökull

Larry on Myrdalsjökull

Rivers within the glacier

Dick & Elaine blend right in

Off the coast of Vik

Sea stacks

Roof of cave

AF & Larry


More Puffins


AF & Lori at Skogafoss

Even more waterfalls

Under the falls


Kayak time

Lori's a natural

Lori causes traffic jam


Yeah, thats over!

The Atlantic

Coastal cliffs

Petur gets his Larry Shirt

The Blue Lagoon

Lori, Larry & AF

Lori outside Blue Lagoon

Lori lookin' good

AF in Blue Lagoon

AF Grant & Larry

Next up, horse back riding

AF mounts his steed

Dick & Elaine

Lori is thrilled

Riding through lava fields

Lori thanks her horse for not tossing her

The whole group heads into town

Dining at Apotek

Mountain biking time

Pee Wee's Big Adventure?

Larry mocks all the slow tourists

Lava fields in all directions

Lori the mountain goat

Lori gets to peak of Búrfell

Hiking the volcano Búrfell

Harley-Davidson of Iceland

Hot springs

Larry spots the glacier we will be dog sledding on

Alan & Lori

Looking back

The Pilzers of Atlanta

Hope they know where we're going

Our sled

Puppy Love

The Pilzers survive

Dog sledding


Chillin' in Iceland

The midnight sky

AF protects his privates


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