Friday, December 11, 2009

My Interviews Regarding James Ray

I've been getting enough requests for links for my television appearances this week pertaining to James Ray and the death of Colleen Conaway that I've decided to post them instead of responding to each individual.

Tuesday December 8th, CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 did a segment on James Ray and spoke to Colleen's family and to me. You can watch the piece here:
CNN's Gary Tuchman was such a class act. The interview was December 7th and he called twice before the piece aired on the 8th to run it by me and make sure I was comfortable with what he said. He also called after it aired and again the next day to check a new fact.

ABC's Nightline spoke to me back on November 10, but they didn't air the segment until December 8th as well.
This article has more details than the video version:

I was hesitant to do either interview at all, but I'm glad I went through with them. I felt a tremendous release doing it, I didn't even care if it aired. I've spoken with Colleen's sister Lynn a few times and she called me yesterday to thank me for doing the interviews. Doing anything to make her family feel the slightest relief made it all worth doing. Since the airings I've received so much support. It's really taken me by surprise. Even my favorite bloggers who were once accusing me of murder have changed their tune (but I still won't be talking to you).

Nightline did a full show on James and had a surprise - former employee Melinda Martin, whom I remembered from Creating Absolute Wealth in San Diego. Melinda had some new information that hit me hard.

Through both interviews I maintained that James hadn't known that the suicide I witnessed was of a seminar participant. But now I know he did. Now I know he lied right to my face and instructed his staff to lie to anyone who asked about Colleen. Last night the news broke that James' right hand man, Greg Hartle, witnessed Colleen's death too.

Until I saw the Nightline segment I expected to attend future James Ray events, in fact I'm all paid up for three more events. I can't imagine they'll ever happen. If they do, I can't imagine having the trust or respect in James needed to attend them.

But I must say, I did find plenty of value in the work I did do with James. There are many things I've done in the past year that wouldn't have happened without my attending his seminars. I learned a lot from him and continue to do so. My willingness to go on TV was due in a large part to his teaching's about pushing through fear. So I am indeed grateful for attending everything I did.

The growth continues. Especially for him. Hopefully this is the end of the story until Arizona authorities announce what charges they'll be filing.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thoughts On James Ray

I've been torn about writing anything about James Ray for weeks. The initial tragedy that happened during Spiritual Warrior back on October 9th, resulting in 3 deaths was horrible enough. I had friends there. It was an event I planned to take part in at some point. I tried not to rush to judgment. I heard from people there who said it was an amazing experience until everything went so horribly wrong in the sweat lodge. But the reactions of James himself (leaving the scene, not contacting families...) left me very disappointed and wondering who was this man I thought I knew.

More disturbing to me personally, was discovering two weeks ago (via comments on my own blog) that the suicide I saw while at the Creating Absolute Wealth event in San Diego in July was actually a participant of the seminar. Somehow knowing Colleen was a participant like I was, made her death hit home much more. It made me question what I thought I had learned that day, made me want to rip the "Grateful" tattoo from my flesh, gave me nightmares that kept replaying that day, had me doubting everything I thought I knew about my own growth and what to believe. It had me feeling betrayed by James because I spoke to him, his staff, even the entire group of participants later that day about what I had seen. I don't know when anyone with JRI found out about Colleen's death but it had to have been many hours after the fact. It is quite possible James himself wasn't told until the weekend was over, but that is just conjecture. JRI staff did know she wasn't on the bus bringing us back to the hotel from downtown, but we had been told that people have missed buses in the past so it wasn't portrayed as any sort of issue to us. Nobody had IDs for that particular experience (we were wandering San Diego like homeless people), we only had cards with a number to call if something happened and we missed the bus.

In the last couple weeks I've had various bloggers and reporters contacting me and have seen people posting comments across the net accusing me of covering things up, working for James Ray; even implying I had something to do with Colleen's death. It has been very hard not to get caught up into defending myself, searching the net all day for what people are saying. I finally realized it doesn't matter. Nothing can change what happened in San Diego or Sedona. Investigations are underway to make sure it doesn't happen again.

I do believe James and his staff are good people with high intentions of helping others. This has been a time when I've needed to be able to separate the teachings from the teacher, for much of what James teaches has been taught by many before him. I'm very glad that he seems to have stopped listening to PR firms on how to handle the mess he's in.

I was attracted to James' events because of the adventure and surprise. The immersion experience, having no idea what you are in for or what comes next. But I now realize, those can raise lots of issues that people (including myself) might not be prepared to deal with. After lots of discussion, Lori and I had decided to continue with James' next event which we had already paid for - Quantum Leap, this November in Las Vegas. I had flip-flopped so much on attending - in fact since Creating Absolute Wealth had left me so confused and lost in the weeks following it, I was concerned about what Quantum Leap was going to do to me. The only description we had was that it was going to strip away our limiting beliefs and blocks. So, on Oct 28th when James finally decided to cancel all his remaining 2009 events, I was actually glad. I hope he is now truly cooperating with authorities and helping all those who've been hurt. Four deaths at his two most recent events is something that can't be and shouldn't be ignored.

So for everyone wondering... I do not work for James Ray International. I have not spoken with anyone from JRI since all these issues came to light (though I have tried to reach them repeatedly). I did not know the woman I saw jump in San Diego was Colleen Conaway or that she was in the seminar with me (there were about 200 people). I didn't even know she died -- cops at the scene told me she was alive and I saw her leave with an oxygen mask on her face. I did speak with San Diego police at the scene and I've also provided the Arizona authorities with a statement. I had never been to San Diego before and didn't know the name of the mall where she jumped, which is why my own searches for information came up empty once I was back home. I do not doubt that it was a suicide, but I also don't doubt that the event itself raised issues she couldn't deal with. And that is why my heart still breaks every time I think of her.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Creating Absolute Wealth with James Ray

Lori and AFWe've been home for a week from Creating Absolute Wealth with James Ray. It was a week of learning and a lifetime of lessons crammed into three days in San Diego at the end of July. I'm still trying to comprehend and integrate everything I learned. It's been tough, because I didn't like everything I discovered about myself. I found lots of limiting beliefs that keep me playing life small and I'm struggling to rid myself of them.

I won't go into details about the event, because hopefully you'll end up there yourself. I thought it was going to be about how to attract more money into my life - but it was so much more, because true wealth is so much more than money. CAW is very immersive and experiential. What each person gets from it is just what they need, but the surprise of each game and road trip (this is not about sitting in a hotel ball room for lectures) is of tremendous value. How you are in any game, is how you show up in life. I really love going into these sort of things blind - having no clue what might happen but knowing it will all be good. That was seriously put to the test over the entire weekend. There were multiple times I just wanted to run away. Lori said she saw the panic in my face numerous times - but I stayed and played as full-on as I could, with the help of James' fantastic staff. There was also plenty of fun and good times along the way. Our table even won the "jingle" contest one night. We had to write and perform a song about the weekend. The event ended with a great black tie affair and everyone dancing late into the night.

One detail I can share is something I witnessed which certainly proved to be the lowlight/highlight. I was wandering around San Diego alone, wondering what I was going get from the weekend; what did I need to learn most? I spotted a woman standing outside the railing of a balcony on the third level at a mall. I thought it was some sort of stunt because ComicCon was going on. She jumped. It wasn't a stunt. I was the only witness who had the vantage point to know it was intentional. I gave statements to the police and mall security. If you know anything about me, you know suicide is about the biggest button I have to push. Later, I found myself standing where she jumped from, it had only been about a half-hour but the blood stained concrete was cleaned up and the t-shirt kiosk the woman landed on was once again selling "I Love San Diego" shirts to tourists. It was so surreal to see how quickly life moves on.
I couldn't understand why she would do it. Why anyone would do. And I cried. Tears of joy - joy for being alive. That was HUGE for me. And while standing there, I noticed Lori walk into the scene below - first time I've seen her all day. Very wild. In fact all weekend, starting at the airport in Boston, people were commenting about what a great couple we were, how cute we were together, how much in love we were.... it was like I was trapped in some bad romantic comedy.

The whole weekend was horrible and fantastic at the same time. A real roller coaster of tears and laughs. But I'm so glad I went and wish you the same opportunity. If you aren't growing, you're dying.
One of my favorite lines from the weekend is: "It is more noble to imperfectly pursue your own dreams and passions than to perfectly pursue someone else's."
One thing I decided on at CAW was my first tattoo, and I acted on that this past weekend. "Grateful" - so I never forget.
We flew home last Monday and had AC/DC tickets for Gillette Stadium on Tuesday. My head was spinning so much, and the nights of 3-4 hours of sleep was wearing on me. I thought of blowing it off. But we went ,and it was fantastic! Just what we needed. Feeling very jet-set and wealthy indeed.
We have another event with James, "Quantum Leap", in November. And once again, I have no idea what's in store for us.


Monday, March 09, 2009

Harmonic Wealth Weekend with James Ray

We got home Sunday afternoon from James Ray's Harmonic Wealth Weekend in New Jersey and are still trying to take it all in and put it to work. So much material was covered, day 2 was even longer than the first day. I won't attempt to explain it all. I'll just say it was powerful, emotional, exhilarating and fun. It is really about how to go beyond just positive thinking and watching The Secret over and over wishing for a better life. James teaches a cross section of quantum physics, eastern religions, meditation, and the laws of the universe to overcome any person's own limiting beliefs. Like so much of what I've gotten into the last couple of years, it all boils down to raising your own level of consciousness and getting off of auto pilot.

I'm already exchanging emails with eight people I met there. You tend to make friends fast when you're hugging, giving back rubs and even butt rubs to your neighbors over two very long days. And I know I will attend all of his various week long programs before long. This is all just adding to the amazing experience I had when I attended the Centerpointe Retreat in October. At some of James' events he does Holosync and more of the holotropic breathing that totally put me into another realm the one time I did it. I heartily recommend any book, DVD or live event of James' you might ever choose to explore. The Harmonic Wealth book is a great, practical read - but compared the to live event it is a comic book.

The New York Times sent a reporter to the event, but like most of the media they are just focused on how shitty the economy is. Check out the article.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wow, what a day with James Ray

17 hours later, day one with James Ray comes to a close. A brief close as Saturday starts with a 6:30am meeting, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Today began with a 7:30am meeting for Board Holders which I volunteered for. This was a bit of training for 20 guys in how to properly hold a pine board for people to break later that night. Then we were put back out into the hallway with the group of 500 and we all entered the ballroom again to high-fives, cranking music and lots of energy and James Ray kept that energy up all day - until we broke at 12:30am. I'd swear I've been for at least 3 days already. Just a power packed day of highly interactive lectures, workshops, group exercises, writing, meditation, visualizations, laughs and tears. It was all about the Law of Attraction, limiting beliefs, getting your thoughts, feelings and actions in alignment.... and much more.

The day climaxed with everyone writing their main limiting belief on a pine board and on the other side a new positive belief. Then we smashed right through them with one mighty blow. It was such a thrill to be able to hold for people. People were flying right through the boards. I lost count at 25 for people I held for and everyone made it. A few people had to be coached through multiple attempts, I think 4 was the most. But lots of woman, including Lori, pulverized the board on their first try. I hugged and high-fived each of my breakers while the whole room cheered each other on. It was very cool. Then I finally got my shot as all the holders held for each other and I destroyed my "I Suck" board into 3 pieces - it was shockingly easy.

I've met lots of Holosyncers and even a few people from neighboring towns back home. Last year I made a pledge to myself that money wasn't ever going to be the reason I didn't do something (which is partially why we are headed to Germany and Africa this year) - that got put to the test today as there was a great offer for two more James Ray events later this year. I said screw it, let's stimulate that economy and now we are going to James Ray 3 day events in San Diego this July and Las Vegas in November. The energy and consciousness raising at these events is just too damn cool to pass up.
All for now


Thursday, March 05, 2009

2009 Kicking into High Gear

Lori and I are in Jersey City, New Jersey tonight (finding myself in Jersey a lot lately, what's up with that?) with a great view if another plane has to land on the Hudson. We're at the month-old Westin Hotel for James Ray's Harmonic Wealth Weekend. James Ray is one of the people featured in The Secret and we've got a couple 15+ hour days ahead of us doing... I'm not sure what yet, but there's 500 of us here and I'll let you know what goes down after the fact. James is who introduced me to Holosync, which I've been using for over a year and a half now. I had such an amazing experience at the Centerpointe Retreat back in October, and a few people there raved about James' events. So I decided it was time to see James live.
This year is shaping up to be a big travel year for us. We've booked a trip to Germany for May - will even be seeing Metallica in Stuttgart - to visit friends who are there for a few months. Then in June I'm headed out to LA for a week and in September, the big one. We are going back to Africa, this time to visit Uganda and Rwanda for some gorilla trekking and then on to Tanzania for a few days at the Ngorongoro Crater. This is who the trip is with, Volcanoes Safaris, and it looks totally sick.
Our first big trip together was visiting Kenya ten years ago and I'm so psyched to be returning to Africa.

James Arthur Ray