Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Unthinkable

For New England fans, the unthinkable has happened. Tom Brady has gone down. After a preseason that gave a peek as to what football life would be without Tom Terrific, him going down in the first quarter of today's season opener against the Chiefs was very eerie. I didn't see the hit on Tom as I was busy watching Randy Moss lose the ball as he hit the ground. But I quickly saw Tom Brady laying on the ground being treated and then limping off with help. The Gillette crowd showed some class in applauding Matt Cassel as he entered the game - a huge turn of events from the boos that rained down on him in the preseason. Most fans were very surprised that Cassel survived the final cuts and even made the roster, now the game (and possibly many more games) rely on him. Matt did enough to win, which is all we can ask for. The most shocking thing wasn' t seeing Tom get hurt, but the fact that he didn't return. That has never happened before. Tonight the stories are that it's a major left knee injury for Brady. The season just got a whole lot more uncertain and interesting.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Congratulations to the Giants

I'm in shock. The NY Giants pulled off the huge upset of beating the unbeaten New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, 17 - 14. The undefeated regular season becomes meaningless. The Giants defense was AMAZING. It was a great game to watch and I loved it until the final 45 seconds anyway. This is how Super Bowls should be... down to the wire. Congrats again to NY, you deserve it. Now I'm gonna go puke.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Super Bowl for The Patriots

We've just gotten home after watching the New England Patriots win another AFC Championship, beating San Diego 21 - 12 and earning their way to their fourth Super Bowl of this decade. Even with Tom Brady playing his worst game of the year (he was intercepted 3 times!) this team still comes out on top. The defense carried the day, limiting the San Diego Chargers to just 4 field goals. The offense kicked into gear when it mattered most in the 4th quarter to put the game away. Running back Laurence Maroney had another monster game and should finally quiet the analysts who say the Patriot's have no running game. And Kevin Faulk was "Mr. Clutch" yet again - he's been such a valuable piece of this team for years, yet nobody outside of New England seems to know who he is. It was a blast to be there for the end of the game, the fireworks, the AFC trophy presentation, the confetti blasting all over the field (something I only recall seeing at the Super Bowl itself until today). It was another great day for the Gillette Stadium crowd too. People were standing and going nuts for the whole game. We've been blessed with going to enough freezing cold playoff games that we now have all the needed gear so it didn't even feel cold today.
Be it the Green Bay Packers or NY Giants - the Patriots will be the big favorites in Super Bowl XLII and soon enough the talk will be how much further into next season can the undefeated streak run. Continued great times to be a sports fan in New England!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Perfect NFL Playoff Weekend

Wow, what a weekend for football! First Green Bay destroys Seattle in an action packed snow game at Lambeau Field. The snowy images brought back warm (freezing cold actually) memories of our own Snow Bowl back in 2001 playoffs that started this whole Patriots Dynasty. We watched the Green Bay game from Gillette Stadium while waiting for the Perfect Patriots to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Pat's first playoff game of this season. Give the Jags their due, they showed up to play and they played hard. They didn't just come in running the ball as expected and they shut down Randy Moss, holding him to one catch. Watching the game live, it didn't feel like Brady and the offense were performing as well as the stats say they were. Tom Brady truly was perfect for most of the game, going 26-of-28 for 262 yards and three touchdowns. His 92.9 completion percentage was yet another NFL record. With long drives by both teams in the first half, the game went fast and was tied at 14. But even when the opponent brings their best game - the Patriots get even better when the game matters most. Our defense made great adjustments and shut the Jags down in the second half, holding them to two field goals. The highlight of the game for me was the best fake I've ever seen. The NFL needs to have an acting award because Tom Brady sold a fake handoff to Kevin Faulk so amazingly; both teams and the whole stadium seemed stunned when Tom still had the ball and threw for a touchdown. And give the fans some credit too - Gillette was LOUD, and it isn't always. Something about a dynasty can lull you into just sitting back and watching more than raising hell like fans should.

The weekend just got better though, with San Diego shocking Peyton Manning and the defending champion Colts on Sunday. Even if San Diego wasn't now riddled with injuries, I'd think the Pats path to the Super Bowl just got a little easier. I was also pulling for the Giants to beat the Cowboys since those New York Football Giants played so well against the Patriots in the final game of the regular season. I really wanted to see teams the played hard to end the full season beat the teams that rested and coasted at the end. I love that Eli is going to the NFC Championship while his big whiny brother sits back home.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Patriot Perfection

Wow, they did it! The New England Patriots end the regular season at 16 - 0, a feat no other team in NFL history has done. And what a great, dramatic, gruelling game to set that mark. The Giants did more than show up to play - they showed up to win. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about a Patriots loss at multiple times in this game; especially when the Pats were down by 12 points in the second half. But that is where the fun comes from, such a huge accomplishment shouldn't come easy. This win wouldn't have meant as much if the Giants just rolled over and gave the Pats an easy win. I never thought I'd be impressed by Eli Manning - but he was on fire for much of the game.

The many new records; scoring, touchdown receptions (23 for Moss) and touchdown passes (50 for Brady) are all great, but the best thing is that all the Patriots are still saying the right things - this was just the regular season, and the true goal is a Super Bowl win and being 19 - 0.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Perfect Hype for The Patriots

Well, we've been home for a week from our trip to Chile, but all the attention and hype on the New England Patriots and their quest for a perfect season has kept me from posting photos or doing much of anything else. The NFL Network has turned into the Patriots Network - showing all this season's previous games this week and today I'm settled in for 8 hours of hype leading up to the final regular season game tonight between the Pats and the NY Giants. I have no doubt that the Patriots will win and become the first team in history to end the regular season at 16 and 0. "How" is the question. Will this be a blow out? A close game to the end? Are the Giants motivated to prevent an undefeated season? There is more hype on this game than on most playoff games. I'm so jeeped up! And I firmly believe there is no way this team and this coach will have any sort of letdown. Another Super Bowl win and a 19 - 0 record for the year is the true goal.

This has been an especially emotional football season. Back on the opening game against the Jets in September, my family came over to watch the game. After the game my grandmother fell and broke her hip. Then the whole "spygate" scandal broke and the world was calling Belichick and the Pats cheaters. Both those things really effected me emotionally. The Patriots circled the wagons and became an even stronger, more determined team due to the attacks on their achievements and character, while my grandmother spent the next month in the hospital. Just when she was about to be sent home (again) she took a turn for the worse (that will happen when you are 84) and died on Columbus Day. Somehow her death has become tied to the football season for me. Much like the Patriots are playing with the preseason death of their teammate Marquise Hill on their minds.

Tonight's game is getting more attention than anything shy of a major presidential address, with the NFL Network, CBS and NBC all broadcasting the game nationally. Here in Boston, WCVB, the local ABC affiliate is also showing the game due to a deal they had written up before the season ever started. Will be interesting to see if this becomes the most watched NFL game ever.

Like the NFL Network promo says; If you're already a dynasty, what comes after that?


Monday, November 26, 2007

Patriots Remain Undefeated

Even without playing a game, the New England Patriots clinched their fifth consecutive AFC East crown thanks to a loss by the Buffalo Bills yesterday afternoon. So the stars seemed aligned for another rout, but give the Philadelphia Eagles credit. They didn't believe the hype on the Patriots being the best NFL team in history or care that they were 23 point underdogs in last night's game. The Eagles showed up to play and they played hard, making the Patriots look very beatable. The Eagles were very aggressive - shutting down Randy Moss, going for it on fourth down and even pulling out an onside kick in the first half. The Pats defense looked slow and tired while the offense was lethargic, had lots of dropped balls and didn't even pretend to have a running game. But New England pulled it out in the fourth quarter to win 31 - 28 and improve to 11 and 0 on the year. And I'm sure Philly will be left with a quarterback controversy since backup A.J. Feeley looked like a star for much of the game - well aside from the interceptions that bookended the game. I enjoy this type of game (provided we win in the end of course) to the 30+ point blowouts the Pats have laid on a few teams this year. I also think it is these close games that really prove how great a team is. Now that the rest of the league has been shown what you need to do to beat Tom Brady - anything is possible as we head into the final month of the regular season.

I'm off to California for the week for work, then back home for a few days before the big adventure in Chile. It's gonna be sick!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Patriots Are SICK!

Wow! What a complete demolishing of the San Diego Chargers by the New England Patriots last night. What a fantastic home opener. All the new players proved how great they are and how much they can add to the team. I don't think anyone is saying Randy Moss is washed up anymore, and linebacker Adalius Thomas is sure living up to his hype. The final score was 38-14 and it felt like an even bigger margin.
I really needed this game to feel good about the Patriots again. Before the game we got to hear former players Steve Grogan and John Hannah talk about "videogate" in the Gillette Stadium clubhouse and they made me feel much better about the whole mess. Plus all the fans had a great sense of humor about it - lots of "you're on Candid Camera" and "In Bill We Trust" signs throughout the stands. Grogan said, Belichick broke the rules, got caught and penalized - end of story; there is no way winning championships can be attributed to extra info from video. Hannah thought this might end up being a great thing for the team - bringing them together and making them feel like underdogs again. He was right.
For the first time ever - Bill Belichick was introduced after the team came out game. He got a huge ovation and even waved to the crowd. That is something he did in warmups and at the end of the game too. I've never noticed him acknowledge the crowd himself before. This whole experience seems to have really humbled him and brought the players even closer to him. The coach seems almost human now. There were so many smiles and hugs on the sideline - it seemed like we had just won a playoff game. Belichick even used the word "awesome" three times in his post game press conference. I don't believe I've ever heard him say that. He talked about how the great the fans are and how good his team is -- NOT usual Bill speak. Plus the players seemed much more emotional too - Brady talked about how Belichick is the best coach in NFL history, while Bruschi said "This is the most satisfying [win] because I've never been in a situation where people have doubted what we've done..."
This team is the best Patriots team ever - and after a week of being called cheaters, they are fired-up to rip apart any team that gets in front of them. Plus, Rodney Harrison and Richard Seymour will be suiting up in a few more weeks too. I love it.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New England Patriots: Cheaters?!

What is going on in Patriot Land? First we had the shocking news last week that All-Pro, stand-up guy and team leader, safety Rodney Harrison was caught using an NFL banned substance, human growth hormone (HGH). Now Coach Bill Belichick - the football "genius" - has been cheating? Possibly for years? He stands accused of having his staff video taping the opposing coaches during games to steal their signals to the defense.
The Harrison situation was disturbing enough. I found myself making excuses for him because I really like the guy. Heck, he broke his arm in Super Bowl 38, and stayed on the field! That is one tough player. But for the last couple seasons, he's been an injured veteran, just trying to heal. This wasn't steroids. And he came clean as soon as investigators asked him about it - there were no claims of not realizing what he was taking or "tainted" substances like so many other NFL players claim when caught with something in their system. Plus there is no testing done for HGH - so its use must be very prevalent. If you could take something to extend your career, keep pulling in money for your family and you wouldn't get caught - that is awfully tempting. If Harrison was on another team - I'd be saying he's a dirty, cheating, scumbag. But he's on my team, and I still like him. For the first time I can understand how San Fransisco Giants fans can still cheer for Barry Bonds.
With all this coming to light just days before the start of the season, plus all the attention about new receiver Randy Moss not playing or practicing in preseason and the surprise of New England's best defensive player, Richard Seymour, being placed on the PUP list (physically unable to perform), which means he is out until at least six weeks of the season - I was concerned heading into the opener Sunday against the Jets.
The Patriots killed the Jets, rather easily. But now all the stuff about cheating and being previously warned about such things... very disturbing. I think this really tarnishes Belichick's reputation and he can't blow this off with some "it is what it is" crap. If this proves to be true, there is no doubt it is cheating. For the first time in this "dynasty" era, it is getting tough to be a Patriots fan.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New England Patriots Schedule

The Patriots’ 2007 schedule:
Sunday, Sept. 9 -- at Jets (CBS, 1 p.m.)
Sunday, Sept. 16 -- vs. Chargers (NBC, 8:15 p.m.)
Sunday, Sept. 23 -- vs. Bills (CBS, 1 p.m.)
Monday, Oct. 1 -- at Bengals (ESPN, 8:30 p.m.)
Sunday, Oct. 7 -- vs. Browns (CBS, 1 p.m.)
Sunday, Oct. 14 -- at Cowboys (CBS, 4:15 p.m.)
Sunday, Oct. 21 -- at Dolphins (CBS, 1 p.m.)
Sunday, Oct. 28 -- vs. Redskins (FOX, 4:15 p.m.)
Sunday, Nov. 4 -- at Colts (CBS, 4:15 p.m.)
Sunday, Nov. 11 -- BYE
Sunday, Nov. 18 -- at Bills (CBS, 1 p.m.)
Sunday, Nov. 25 -- vs. Eagles (NBC, 8:15 p.m.)
Monday, Dec. 3 -- at Baltimore (8:30 p.m.)
Sunday, Dec. 9 -- vs. Steelers (CBS, 1 p.m.)
Sunday, Dec. 16 -- vs. Jets (CBS, 1 p.m.)
Sunday, Dec. 23 -- vs. Dolphins (CBS, 1 p.m.)
Saturday, Dec. 29 -- at Giants (NFL Network, 8:30 p.m.)

The complete NFL 2007 shedule was announced today. You can find info for all teams at


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Exciting Times for NE Patriots

This off season has been quite eventful for the New England Patriots, and unlike last year it is due to all the top free-agents that are joining the team instead of leaving it. I had hoped Baltimore stud linebacker Adalius Thomas might end up in New England after seeing him enjoy his Pro Bowl time with coach Bill Belichick, but I was shocked by how aggressively and quickly the Pats got him. Considering this team was just one good half of a football game away from another Super Bowl last season, this could very well be the best Patriots' team yet, and we haven't even gotten to the NFL draft.

Here is a great recap of this free agent season for New England from Peter King at Sports Illustrated.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

What a Game!

That is what a playoff game should be, I have no complaints on this one. Peyton Manning and the Colts finally pulled out the big game. Very impressive after the Patriots dominated the first half so much and were up 21 to 6. Then it turned into a slugfest with the Colts not being ahead until the final minute of the game - when it mattered most - and won 38 - 34. There are no questionable calls or freak plays to blame, the Colts just played their asses off. The Patriots really over performed this year, with the loss of more coaches and players and another season full of major injuries, but there are no excuses and no regrets - this was what playoff football should be, a battle until the last moments of the game. And I'm glad it didn't come down to field goal kickers. Guess I'll be rooting for the Colts, for first time ever, as they face the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XVI.


Championship Sunday

The AFC Championship is coming down to the teams it just had to come down to, the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. This rivalry has been a fantastic one and this game feels like it is bigger than the Super Bowl will be. Can the Patriots dynasty continue? I had my doubts during the season, seeing three losses at home was really a shock but this team pulls it together when it counts most. Just ask the "classy" San Diego Chargers. The Patriots are at their best when they are underdogs and having the league MVP whine about how they celebrate after playoff wins just adds more fuel to their fire.
The Patriots have never lost an AFC Championship game! They are 5 and 0. That is just amazing. The Colts have never beaten the Patriots in the playoffs. Lots of people are saying this is finally the year for Peyton Manning (I remembering hearing that a lot last year too). They've got the Pats playing in Indy at their dome where they are undefeated this season (just like San Diego was until last week), but Tom Brady has never lost in a dome himself. Plus today is the anniversary of Bob Kraft buying the team, and Adam Vinatieri has never missed a kick inside the RCA Dome - oh wait, he's with them now - another reason to hate the Colts. I bet plenty of Colts wish there were headed to San Diego for this game instead of being at home facing the Patriots.
If the Pats pull out another upset and go to the Super Bowl yet again - there can be no doubt that this is the greatest team in NFL history. But I'm torn this year - ya gotta love the New Orleans Saints. If the Patriots can't win it all this year, I hope the Saints do. So I'm pulling for a Patriots - Bears Super Bowl, which will give us a little revenge for being blownout back in Super Bowl XX.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Dynasty Continues

Yeehaah! What a day - the Patriots upset the San Diego Chargers (The Best Team in Football this year) and "24" is back! The Chargers were better than I expected, I knew their offense was good, but their defense is a lot more than just linebacker Shawne Merriman. And I love that the game down to a game winning kick by the new kid Gostowski.
Next weekend it will be my favorite playoff matchup for the Pats in the AFC championship - beating up on Peyton Manning and the Colts yet again and some revenge on Adam for leaving New England. Gotta love it.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Patriots Roll Over Jets

Man, what a game yesterday between the Patriots and Jets! I don't know if it was the shockingly warm temperatures, the week of hype of Belichick vs. Mangini, Mad Genius vs. Mangenius, Master vs. Apprentice.... but it felt like a special game.
We got to our seats early and watched warm ups while many Patriots players chatted with former teammates now on the Jets like Matt Chatham, Bobby Hamilton and Hank Poteat. It was interesting to see the few brave souls - Kevin Faulk and Corey Dillon - who approached Jets Coach Eric Mangini and gave him a warm hello.
It wasn't just the Patriots towel giveaway (which thanks to the great weather and upbeat crowd were waving the whole game through) that proved this was a playoff game, the celebs were even in the house. Donald Trump was up above us in the owners box with Robert Kraft while Aerosmith's own Joe Perry was roaming the Patriots' sidelines.
It was all you could want in a Patriots win - competitive but in control and then the score is blown open in the fourth quarter. It was rare to see such competitive, noticeable coaching. This was a real chess match with moves and counter moves, dueling no-huddle offenses, both teams racing to make substitutions. Coach Belichick was much more emotional and demonstrative than his normal stoic self. He was one of the first to welcome Asante Samuel to the sidelines after his interception and he was going nuts to get Vince Wilfork's attention to run with the ball when he came up with it after Jets QB threw a backward pass the was tipped by Pats' linebacker Rosevelt Colvin. The ball hit the ground and most players stopped, believing the ball to be dead and the play over, not-so-gentle giant Wilfork scooped up the ball and after much prompting from Belichick chugged his 325+ pounds down the field.
At the end of the game, Belichick had to fight a media mob and shoved one dude aside to give a nice hug to his former disciple Mangini. He even swore in his press conference when describing all the photographers in his way. Classic.
Next stop, San Diego, where the Pats will face the league MVP LT. It won't be easy for the Patriots to upset the Chargers, but it is certainly doable. A month ago I thought Pats would be lucky to win one playoff game, now I'm dreaming of another Super Bowl.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Final Patriots Home Game

Today was the last New England Patriots home game of the regular season, and quite possibly it was the last game for us as it seems unlikely we'll continue with our season tickets - but that's another story. Today's story was about how this game was going to be special. Since we had traded for extra tickets to take family to the Pats - Bears game last month, it was just Lori and I for today's finale. The Patriots have not been looking like the solid, playoff-ready, December team they've been in recent years, so I was really looking forward to them stepping up and blowing out the Houston Texans, which they did with a final score of 40 - 7. The surprise of the day was to see Lori blowing out as well - as in puking. Often.

You see, last night she attended a neighborhood "cookie swap" - which I've since learned is code for "playing quarters all night and getting totally cocked." Hell, I would have made some cookies had I known the code. When I brought her home at 2:30am this morning, I figured I'd be placing some calls around 10am for someone to replace her at the game, but she insisted she was good to go. On the way to the game she puked (this is only the second time I've ever seen her get sick) out the window of my truck while speeding down Rt 495 - a sight I've not seen since road trips at UMass. I was remarkably restrained despite just seeing someone puke all over my beloved Envoy, and I offered to turn around and head home. She decided to press on; such a hungover trooper that girl. Once we arrived at the stadium I was spotted by an old high school buddy and while we chatted Lori ran off to the bathroom to puke some more. I've never seen her in such rough shape. By the time she came out of the bathroom she wanted to just stay inside the clubhouse and sleep, but I convinced her to come sit outside and get some fresh air. Slumped in her seat with her head hung low, she looked more like a homeless person than the boisterous and lively football fan she is. She ran back inside for the bathroom a couple times in the first quarter. As the score mounted I knew we'd be leaving early. We left with 8 minutes to go in the first half. And she puked once more on the drive home for good luck.

I considered bringing a camera today since it might be our last game at Gillette, but I figured nothing photo-worthy would really happen. Boy, was I wrong. On the good side, it was the quickest I've ever gotten out of the stadium.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Damn That Peyton!

Being at last night's Patriots - Colts football game was a very strange experience. Strange to see New England football hero Adam Vinatieri in an Indy uniform and even stranger to see him miss two field goals. Yet it sure was fun cheering after those misses - another thing I never would have predicted I'd do in my lifetime. It was great to see the Patriots' Troy Brown become the Pats all-time leading receiver, but strange to (not) see the phantom taunting penalty called on him. There were lots of strange calls and non-calls last night. I don't know if it made it into the television coverage, but I've never seen Coach Belichick so irate. He was running all over the field to scream at the refs all night it seemed. It was actually the Coach who showed the first sign of a strange night - giving up on his traditional gray sweatshirt and sporting a bright red hoodie instead. The hyped matchup between the NFL's best two quarterbacks never quite materialized as Tom Brady had one of his worst games ever, throwing four interceptions (and garnering me negative 3.33 points in fantasy football!). Despite the loss, it was still a great game to be at. There was a highly charged atmosphere in the stadium and the crowd was loud and lively all night. It was pretty amazing that with how bad our offense played we were still in the game, and down to the last minute I believed in our inevitable comeback. But I've finally got to give some credit to Peyton Manning, he looked fantastic last night. Every time it seemed the Patriots defense had Manning trapped he pulled off an amazing pass. He's certainly proven he can win in Foxboro - we'll just have to wait for the playoffs to see if he can win when it really matters.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Super Bowl XXXIX

After long and profound deliberation, I've decided my brain can't handle going to another Super Bowl so soon after seeing the Pats win twice already and the Sox winning the World Series. So Bill and the Boyz will have to win one without me this time. Going to last year's Super Bowl in Houston made us cancel plans for a trip to the Amazon. One day in Houston cost more than a week in Peru. So this year we are going to Belize at the end of February. And I bet I'll be wearing some new SB XXXIX Championship gear too.

Been working with Angry Johnny a lot lately on his online store. Lots of new goodies to check out. Take a peek.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

AFC Championship

What a game! What a team! What a coach! And now there is no doubt -- What a DYNASTY. Patriots RULE! New England beats Pittsburgh 41 - 27 and heads to second consecutive Super Bowl.

Buy Your Patriots Gear Now!


Monday, January 17, 2005

NFL Playoffs

After weeks of hearing the national media proclaim Peyton Manning the greatest thing since football was Manning wonders invented, I actually headed to Gillette Stadium yesterday worried that my beloved Patriots would lose to the Colts. I'm so disappointed in myself that I fell for the hype and didn't believe in the genius of Bill Belichick. What football fan hasn't learned by now - never pick against this coach and this team in any game that matters.

"Mr. 49 Touchdowns" couldn't score a single one in the biggest game of the year. The 'unstoppable" Colts offense that averaged over 32 points a game got all of 3 points against the Patriots defense lead by the all mighty Tedy Bruschi.

After the game we walked out next to #55 Willie McGinest's dad. I thanked him for his genes.


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Patriots Celebration

Because you just can't get enough of a good thing -- more Patriots Super Bowl and Victory Parade photos have been posted.


Monday, February 02, 2004

Super Bowl XXXVIII

Wow, Super Bowl XXXVIII was the most mentally, physically and emotionally draining event I've ever been to. Our seats were great, the flights, parties and people were all great. We went strong for over 24 hours. Here are tons of pictures and details.


Monday, January 19, 2004

AFC Champions Again

Your New England Patriots are AFC Champions once again! Next stop - Houston Texas for Super Bowl XXXVIII. Patriots Win!!!Amazing what a difference 30 degrees can make. Compared to last weekend, today's game in the snow seemed down right warm. Things seemed promising with snow in the forecast. Things seemed great when the Patriots scored on their opening drive. Things seemed pretty awesome when the Colt's first play was an offsides penalty because we made so much noise. Things were going totally sick and stayed that way when the Colts' first drive ended in an interception by Rodney Harrison. Oh yeah - and Ty Law had three interceptions before the day was over. And know what happens to a team who makes a big stink about how they haven't even punted in the playoffs? When it comes time to punt - they totally screw it up and the Patriots get a safety.
Final score Patriots 24, Colts 14. Check out the photos.


Monday, January 12, 2004

Ice Bowl

Well after all the hype the Patriots game wasn't even all that cold. Of course I was wearing more clothes than I ever had before in my life, including a brand new down parka I bought just hours before the game. The game was a great tough battle and the Titans gave it all they had - which of course wasn't enough. The crowd was the most boisterous yet at Gillette and made a ton of noise for some true home field advantage. Even the usually lame club seat folks around us stayed outside for the whole game (Tom Brady even commented on noticing that in his post game press conference). We even had a couple shirtless psychos in our sections. We got to the stadium just after 4pm, and immediately went inside to the clubhouse for some indoor tailgating. Just before kick off there was a surprise mini-concert from BOSTON - they did the National Anthem and Rock & Roll Band.

And just to prove that everything is going our way and we are destined for another Super Bowl appearance. At midnight while about to leave Gillette Stadium I realize my car keys are missing. While I go back outside to our seats just one notch below panic, Lori heads back to where we hung out in the Club before the game and there are my keys just sitting on a table. I'll have to buy a lucky key chain in Houston. Check out photos and mayhem. This was the toughest game the Patriots will have in this playoff run - we always beat the Colts, who we will face next Sunday in the AFC Championship game. WooooHoooo!


Friday, January 09, 2004

NFL Playoff Time

Patriots - TitansAre you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!!!?????

The Tennessee Titans have no idea what they are in store for - and I'm not just referring to predictions of temperatures at kickoff being a between 0 and 5° and a low of -13° with the wind chill by the end of their loss. Pats are destined for a Super Bowl return - and we will be going with them.