Larry The Lizard On Safari in Kenya
June 1999

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Time for a game drive into the Masai Mara in Southern Kenya. Let's Ride!

Larry gazes upon a giraffe and hot air balloon. Giraffe Sighting

In the great plains of the Masai Mara, Larry spots an elephant mother and baby. Larry Spies Some Elephants

Larry tries to challenge this cheetah to a race, but fearing a humiliating defeat the cheetah ignores Larry. Cheetah & Larry

Seeing all the vultures munching on a dead wildebeast makes Larry hungry. Larry & Vultures

Larry considers joining the great migration. The Great Migration

Larry even comes across a lion. Larry Meets Simba

Larry befriends the O'Neills, an American family who've been living in Kenya. Larry & O'Neils
In preparation for his move from Kenya to the U.S., young Casey does many shots o' Larry. Casey Does Shot O'Larry