Larry The Lizard On Safari
Kenya, East Africa, June 1999


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Larry thanks his guide Andrew for a great drive. Larry & Andrew

Larry models some of his Masai beadwork purchases. Larry Shows Off His Beads  Super Model Larry

Larry tries to catch some lunch. Larry Hunts For Lunch

Larry The Lizard could easily be swallowed whole by a hippo. Hippo Head  Teeth Bigger Than Larry

Larry gets stuck in an acacia tree. Stuck In A Tree  Ouch!

Larry enjoys feeding a wild vervet monkey. Larry & AF Make A Friend  Larry Feeds Monkey  Larry Tries To Spank The Monkey

Larry introduces himself to the bartender. Confused Kenyan Bartender

After a rough day out in the Mara, Larry The Lizard enjoys many Tuskers. Larry Gets Cocked!