Larry The Lizard In Nepal

Larry Visits The Chitwan Jungle Lodge in Chitwan National Park
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Kerri, winner of Larry's "Goin' Totally Sick Award." She is a teacher from Australia who broke her leg and sprained her arm while trekking. It took two more days of trekking to reach a hospital and then she went white water rafting. Totally Sick!!

Larry is not very pleased with his position on the elephant safari.

A great day to be a lizard.

Nothing beats off roading on an elephant.

Another bartender is perplexed by Larry.

"Is that thing safe?" asks Larry.

The naturalist tries to decipher exactly what Larry is.

The mighty elephant bows before Larry.

"Damn, those are some big feet," exclaims Larry.

Larry is tracking a tiger.

"Here kitty, kitty."

"Hey, don't eat me," says Larry.

"Hold on buddy, I'll get you out," whispers Larry.

Shot of Larry anyone?

Quick cat nap.

Larry is up front for another elephant safari.

"Hey! Watch the sticks," insists Larry.

"Put the pedal to the metal," exhorts Larry.

Cool, a rhino.

Larry discovers more tiger tracks.

Michael meets Larry

Larry says, "It wasn't me, it was a leech."

"Wow AF, you're quite the bleeder," laughs Larry.

Larry says good-bye to the Mondales from Minnesota.

They are headed to a six day trek. Larry is off to a four day trek. They are sick!
Larry does The Royal Trek


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