Larry The Lizard In Nepal

Larry Checks Out Kathmandu
September/October 2000
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It is quite a long flight from Boston to Kathmandu

Larry has plenty of time to watch movies during the 18 hour flight to Kathmandu, Nepal.

First we have a layover in India, so Larry gets cocked.

Then its a cold night on the Delhi Airport floor.
Larry does some sightseeing in Kathmandu, the capitol of The Kingdom of Nepal

Larry at the Buddhist temple of Swayambhunath.

Larry taunts a monkey. There are so many here that Swayambhunath is known as "monkey temple".

Larry takes a peak at a Goddess.

Larry looks out over Kathmandu

Larry sits atop the temple guard.

Larry visits the market place in Kathmandu.

Larry is beloved by children around the world.

Larry visits Kala Bhairab, Shiva in his most fearsome form. If you speak a lie here you die instantly.

"Hey, how about a nice turtle neck sweater?" asks Larry.

Larry visits a Hindu Temple, but isn't allowed inside.

This Sadhu (wandering holy man) contemplates the meaning of Larry.

And decides that Larry is good.

We've been expecting you Mr. Lizard.

A Larry salute...

to Kathmandu.

Lori, Larry & Jason mow on some Nepalese chow.

Larry attacks the Nyatapola Temple of Bhaktapur.

"Why no lizard statues?", asks Larry.

AF Grant & Larry in Nargokot, Nepal
Larry hops on an Air Buddha flight to check out Mount Everest

Larry says "Hey! I want the window seat."

Larry in the Himalayas

"There's Mount Everest!", exclaims Larry.

Larry offers to buy the pilot a drink - after we land of course.
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