Larry The Lizard In Nepal

Larry Rafts The Trisuli
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Larry looks over the mighty Trisuli River.

Larry worries that his life vest might be too big.

Larry takes a stroll on the beach.

Larry hangs out in the jungle cooler.

Larry and Lori.

River guide Rosen, Larry & Michael.

Larry checks out some local bush people.

Larry on the jungle toilet.

"D'oh! A little help?", asks Larry.

Larry pulls an all nighter with the river guides.

Larry meets a mangy mutt.

Another rough night for Larry

Larry does his rooster impersonation.

A refreshing dip for Larry.
Larry contemplates eating this praying mantis.

Larry decides to just make some toast.

Larry can't wait to hit the river for day 2.


Next stop, Larry visits Chitwan National Park


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