Larry The Lizard In Nepal

Larry Takes The Royal Trek
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Larry giggles after secretly filling his pack with rocks.

"Hey, wait for me!"

"The hills are alive with the sound of.....Larry"

"They look like ants."

Larry meets a local villager.

Larry loves the Druk.

More children thrilled to meet Larry.

Sunset over Annapurna.

Larry and the family.

Larry screams "More cold beer, boy!"

Mountain sunrise.

Larry looks forward to day 2 of trekking.

Mmmm... breakfast.

Larry chats with our youngest sherpa.

Our beer boy for night two.

"Those leeches sure love you," laughs Larry.

Larry meets Mark and Genevieve from Hong Kong.

The trek guides get to know Larry.

Larry is always a hit with the ladies.

Larry catches some rays.

No easy steps for these short legs.

Everybody is wiped out.

"Maybe I can hijack a yak", Larry thinks to himself.

Finally time to relax.

"What's a matter, you've never seen a rubber lizard before?" asks Larry.

Larry relaxes with some whittling.

Larry tries to sneak some home made Nepalese wine.

Our third night features a local beer man.

Our trek guide Karna does a shot o' Larry.

Bottoms Up.

Time for the morning bird bath.

Larry tries to hide among the sherpas' packs for the last day of the trek.

The last of the 3,000 steps down.
Next stop - The Fishtail Lodge in Pokhara
What about me, wonders Larry.

"Nice 'do," Larry mocks.

"Pull faster", urges Larry.

"That's about the ugliest foot I've ever seen", says Larry.

"Yeah!", exclaims Larry "A real bed!"

Larry leave all his trekking supplies to the guides and porters.

Larry tries to read some Tibetan prayer flags.

Larry chows on some Indian cuisine at Club Himalayas.

Larry shows off his Gurka fighting knife.

Larry celebrates his final night in Nepal.

Hey , you're supposed to drink from Larry not suck his face!

Jason is shut off from anymore frenching of Larry.

Mmmmm... Mount Everest Whiskey.

Larry has one final yak burger for the road.

A final salute...

to Nepal.

Larry finally catches up with a Tiger.

"Please stow all carry on lizards", announces the pilot as we prepare to land back home in Boston.


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