St. Anger

Metallica - Fillmore Theater
May 22, 2003

St. Anger

May 22, 2003 12:05 AM

I'm soaked in sweat. Some is my own, much of it is not. I smell like ass and I ache from head to toe. But I've never felt better. Just in the car after leaving The Fillmore after witnessing the best God damn concert in my life. METALLICA have never been stronger, better, tighter or more fun. The Fillmore was much smaller than it looked in photos and there was not a bad spot in the whole place. We started about 20 feet from the stage - by the end of the night it was more like 5 feet away from the Mighty Met.

They opened with "Fight Fire With Fire" then kicked right into "Fuel" -- for those first two songs my ribs hurt from screaming and being crushed in the crowd. I was afraid I was going to have to bail out of my position soon. But people relaxed a bit and I drifted closer to the stage and found a nice pocket to last the night in. We were the first concert crowd to hear the new single "St. Anger" which was insane. Hetfield was so into this song - never seen him have more energy or fun. He struck these great 'howling at the moon' poses during the tune. After it he said that was his favorite new song and that it helps him get the evil out. We also go to hear "Frantic" the new tune they had played the two previous shows this week. Both songs have so many tempo changes they seem like many different songs. They played tons of old shit and rare material. Think this was my first time hearing "Leper Messiah" live and definitely a first for "Phantom Lord".

These are "rehearsal" shows so have the fun were mistakes. James forgot the words to "Ride The Lightning" and the crowd had to carry him till he found his place again. They played for 90 minutes straight. First encore kicked off with "The Four Horsemen" - a heartbreaker for Sharyn who didn't make the trip. Second encore set started with "Die, Die Die My Darling" with James forgot the words again and they picked two people out of the audience who claimed to know the words and did whole song again with these two guys going absolutely sick and having the time of the lives. Next up was "Blitzkrieg" - which I had never heard live before. They screwed up the start and James said this was getting embarrassing, then finally got it going again. The night ended with "Hit The Lights."

The crowd was very cool people from all over the world. As we drove through the city I spotted Tommy's Joint - a legendary location in Metallica lore where they first told Jason Newsted he was in the band. Then there was the sighting of hundreds of people in Metallica shirts waiting in line outside the Fillmore. Some people had started lining up as early as 8am. But it was also the friggin' smelliest crowd I've ever been in.

Openers were friends of the band going by Flaming Androids --- an old blues guy introduced by Kirk who jammed with him for one tune. Next up Depressor - Kirk says "the bay area's most hardcore underground band DEPRESSOOOOOOOOR!"
fun death metal for 20 minutes -- could see James in balcony getting into it

Of course the main reason for these rehearsal shows is new bassist Robert Trujillo. Rob was simply amazing - his crab like moves and demented frog faces won the crowd over from the get go. He was destined to be part of Metallica.

This show was so amazing. Metallica at their best in the ultimate environment with the craziest set list - I should never see them again, because it just can't get any better.

But I've gotta a feeling I will.

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Setlist: Fight Fire With Fire
Leper Messiah
St. Anger
Seek and Destroy
Harvester of Sorrow
Ride the Lightning
Sad But True
Fade To Black
The Four Horsemen
Phantom Lord
Die, Die My Darling
Hit the Lights




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