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I've loved Metallica since 1984 when I first heard "Ride The Lightning". I first saw them live in 1986 (with Cliff!) on the "Master of Puppets" tour from the 10th row when they opened for Ozzy.  Since then I've had the privilege of seeing them more times than I can recall, and thanks to the all mighty Metallica Club I've been able to meet the band four times - so far...

At The Filmore May 2003
Metallica in Playboy
Summer Sanitarium 2000
Rockfest 2000
Poor Re-Touring Me '98
Poor Touring Me 1997



October 24 & 25, 2004
Two nights of METALLICA & GODSMACK in Boston! More...

March 9, 2004
Well, flying across the country to see METALLICA play a hometown gig in San Francisco was definitely a good move. They held nothing back and played many rare treats last night on the 5th stop of their "Madly In Anger with the World Tour". Anyone who knows me realizes that James Hetfield could come on stage and just fart and I would swear it was the best concert ever - so no surprises when I tell you this was yet another amazing METALLICA show (but no farting).

The Cow Palace was much smaller than I expected - the smallest place outside of The Filmore that I've seen the Mighty Met. It was a general admission show and we lined up outside at 4:30pm - but it was really unnecessary as we opted for seats instead of the floor. The stage was a huge square in the middle of the floor and had a center section that slowly revolved throughout the show and seemingly had more lights than Las Vegas, complete with much pyro and lasers.. Overall a very fast paced, high energy show with the band obviously happy to be playing in front of many friends and family. We got a great set including tunes not played in years like "Holier Than Thou", my favorite track of St. Anger - "The Unnamed Feeling" and for only the 2nd time ever "Dyers Eve". The intro to "One" has been slightly tweaked to include clips from Full Metal Jacket followed by the traditional blowing up of everything on stage - the explosions at this show were the absolute loudest things I've ever heard. Everyone was holding their ears shut - each burst made me wince. A small price to pay to once again see the reigning Gods of Metal. Don't forget - you can actually by this or any show from the tour at www.LiveMetallica.com And here is another review of the show - http://www.livedaily.com/news/6212.html

Set List:
Seek And Destroy
Fade To Black
King Nothing
Holier Than Thou
The Unnamed Feeling
Sad But True
Creeping Death
Fight Fire With Fire
St. Anger
Nothing Else Matters
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman
So What!
Dyers Eve

March 3, 2004
Metallica March 2, 2003 METALLICA kicked off their "Madly In Anger with the World Tour" last night in Arizona. Opening for this leg of the tour are Boston's own GODSMACK. As of yet there are no dates scheduled for New England. Since its been too long since I've seen them last and I'm not willing to wait and see when they'll finally get out here - I'm headed out west to San Francisco to see them Monday March 8th.

They have a brand new stage and show for this tour - they are using a center stage once again, but this one is only 3 feet off the floor to keep them as close as possible to the fans. It is full of ramps and levels and has a center portion that slowly revolves so Lars ends up in being in front of everyone before the night is over. Here are a couple shots from opening night.
Metallica - Madly In Anger With The World

February 12, 2004
A big shout out for METALLICA for winning their 7th Grammy Award this past Sunday for 'Best Metal Performance' for St. Anger. The Grammy folks seem to still be trying to make up for giving Jethro Tull the first Metal Grammy instead of Metallica, as METALLICA has won every year since.

Happy St. Anger's Day!!! New METALLICA is out today June 5, 2003

See what the boyz are up to Jump In The Studio

Samples of new tunes are posted at www.Metallica.com

May 22, 2003 - My report from seeing METALLICA at the Fillmore Theater in San Francisco - Wednesday May 21, 2003.

• METALLICA mtvICON airs 05/06/03 09:00 pm ET on MTV with; Aerosmith, Korn, Avril Lavigne, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Metallica, Lisa Marie Presley, Staind, Sum 41.

Apr 30, 2003 - OH MY GOD!! I won tickets to see METALLICA at the Fillmore Theater in San Francisco. I'm going to the third show - Wednesday May 21, 2003.

Finally - BIG NEWS

Feb 5, 2003
In no particular order, here are the confirmed cities for Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003 (slated to officially begin on July 4th). Specific dates to be confirmed later. Most of these shows will go on sale February 22nd. Stay tuned! Also appearing are the Deftones and Mudvayne.

St. Louis
New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Washington /Baltimore

New Album it titled "St. Anger" and is due out June 10, 2003.


James Hetfield has entered an undisclosed rehab facility to treat alcoholism and other addictions - the band has cancelled all activities, including work on their new album and a July 29 launch party for the website - the band has settled its dispute with Napster and will allow the file-sharing application to use some of its music once Napster has implemented "a new model that will allow artists to choose how their creative efforts are distributed" - Napster remains closed

1-26-01 20 YEARS OF ROCK- WITH LARS: Lars will be on MTV's "20 Years of Rock". His interview will be part of a 2 hour history of rock. The show will be broadcast on Feb 17th, check local listings for air times.

1-17-01 JASON LEAVES METALLICA: Yes, it's true. Yes, it sucks. Yes, Metallica will continue!
See the official release from Metallica.


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Jaymz at Centrum, March 1997
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