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1-14-01 LARS ON "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE": Lars will be participating in an upcoming episode of ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." He will be joined by other Music Celebrities like, KISS' Gene Simmons, the Dixie Chicks' Emily Robison, and Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath.

All of the contestant winnings will be donated to a charity of their choice. The show is scheduled to tape on Feb 1st.

1-3-01 GRAMMY NOMINATION: Metallica is up for another Grammy this year. This time, Metallica is up for the Best Rock Instrumental Performance for their symphonic performance of "The Call of Ktulu," featured on the S&M album.

9-8-00 "I Disappear" was nominated for 5 MTV Music Video Awards, but received NONE! Just more proof of how far MTV has fallen.

8-17-00 METALLICA will be taping an episode of "Classic Albums" in late September about the making of "Metallica," the black album, for VH-1. Included in the special will be interviews with the band, producer, and mixer discussing what it was like to make the album, the impact it has had on their fans, and the changes in their career since the release of the album.

The Summer Sanitarium Tour is complete. Next the band will rest then back in the studio for a new album in early 2001 (hopefully).

7-25-00 More details on free makeup shows for Summer Sanitarium stops that didn't include the injured James Hetfield. Read about my trip to Chicago to see METALLICA at Rockfest.

7-19-00 Tuesday night METALLICA played secret gig. The Metallica Club has some pictures from the show. has great feature on Metallica with lots of RealVideo clips of MetKidKorNica. Don't forget MTV's "All Access: Metallica" begins airing July 22, 2000 at 7pm ET.

I got free tickets to Hard Rock Cafe's "ROCKFEST" for putting their banner on my site. So Friday I fly off to Chicago to catch the show on Saturday. A bunch of bands are playing, but the only one that matters is METALLICA.

7-11-00 Lars testifies before US Senate Committee regarding Napster. Read his statement and coverage from MTV News.

7-10-00 Metallica will have a live webcast of the July 14th show at beginning at midnight EST.

MTV special on the Summer Sanitarium tour, featuring exclusive interviews with and footage of Metallica, Korn, Kid Rock, Powerman 5000, and System Of A Down. "All Access: Metallica" begins airing on July 22, 2000 at 7pm ET.

7-9-00 James was injured Jet Skiing and has missed the July 7, 8 & 9 dates of The Summer Sanitarium Tour. But the shows have gone on with an all star combination filling in with 3/4 of Metallica. See for pictures and set list details. The Metallica Club has a nice article on this too as does MTV News.

Next Album: Harsher & Grittier -- Good Interview with Lars 7/05/00

After multiple delays the S&M DVD if finally out and it is amazing.

I went to the Metallica symphony show at MSG in NYC - click here for details

Metallica plays with San Francisco Symphony - Symphonica

"S&M" will be released November 23rd as a double CD, Home Video and coming later in December (maybe) on DVD.


I love this shot

11/24/98 - "Garage Inc." is out - click here for lyrics. Also recently released, a live concert from the Load Tour "Cunning Stunts" on home video and DVD.  The DVD is full of extra goodies and lets you decide what camera view you want to see.  Cool enough to make me buy my first DVD player.





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