Our Trip To Nepal
September 27 - October 7, 2000

September 27, 2000 - We run all around Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.


First stop, the Buddhist temple of Swayambhunath. The eyes of Buddah peer out in all directions.

Monkeys and Prayer Flags are everywhere.

Street scenes in Kathmandu
Market place Kathmandu trinkets
September 28th - Lori's birthday, we celebrate with a mountain flight to see Mount Everest.
Mt. Everest The Mighty Everest Lori & AF Grant
That afternoon we visited the holiest Hindu area and saw cremations, temples, pilgrims and sadhus.
Cremation Gateway to Hell? More cremations Lori AF at Hindu Temple

The ancient city of Bhaktapur

More of us in Nepal
See Larry The Lizard in Kathmandu


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