Our Trip To Nepal
September 27 - October 7, 2000

The view looking out over the Kathmandu river valley.


It was Festival time in Nepal - everywhere you went, kids were flying kites.
Views from Nagarkot, Nepal
Next up, two days of white water rafting on the Trisuli. We were the first rafting trip of the season and the water was still very high and fast following monsoon season. So our guides put us in father along the river than we wanted and we missed out on the sickest rapids. Day one was OK for white water, day two was very lame.
The Trisuli
Whenever we stopped along the river a crowd of kids would gather.
Local kids check us out Sunset over camp One lost to the Beer Gods Good Night
The next stop The Chitwan Jungle Lodge in the Royal Chitwan National Park. We spent two days going on elephant safaris, jungle walks and canoe rides. We were actually strapped to an elephant during an elephant fight.
The extended family Elephant Safari

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