The Royal Trek
September 27 - October 7, 2000

We did the four day "Royal Trek" along the Annapurna range. Prince Charles did this in 1980, hence the "Royal Trek" tag, it is also known as the Annapurna Skyline Trek. Here we celebrated finishing the first day of the trek. We spread lots of love with our Polaroid camera and Michael played big American Doctor everywhere we stopped.
AF, Michael & Jason Toast to the Trek AF Meets The Family Dr. Wellborn Ouch Tea Tent Goodnight


Our first morning of the trek, sunrise over Mount Machapuchre (Fishtail)
Our first morning Breakfast is served Mt. Machapuchre Sunrise Lori & AF Hmmm... which tent is mine? Too cool


The Annapurna range.


This game was played in every village we went through.
National board game - bagh chal Game of bagh  chal

In Nepal women's legs are always covered, so Lori caused quite a stir everywhere she went.
Skin to win! Sherpas in action
Mountains in the mist AF & Lori trekking Damn, it's hot!

Meetin' the locals.
Polaroid pride AF gets adopted

I think we're lost What a view! Spot of our final camp

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