The Royal Trek, Nepal
September 27 - October 7, 2000

On our last night of the trek we got our biggest crowd of kids. We gave them what little we had, shot some pictures, chased them around with Larry and my video camera and Dr. Wellborn opened his MASH tent for the last time.
Michael whittles his canoe of love Jason is never without a book Curious kids More Polaroid fun. Namaste! (The greeting in Nepal) Polaroid group shot The Nepalese HMO


The Doctor is In.  AF Grant & Tibetan Priest Jason The Trekking Family AF & Lori


The Royal Trek's final day is 3,000 steps down.


Our guide Karna insists on carrying us across a stream. Or did I insist?... I'm not sure.
Ladies First Success Giddy Up!

This is the result of putting salt on a leech!
Leech break down.


Yeah! The trek is over. Next stop the Fishtail Lodge in Pokhra
I'm spent! Dreaming of a shower The End

After a few hours of civilization and clean up we get together with our guides, cooks and sherpas.
AF turns in his trekking shoes The whole trekking gang


Dinner at the Fishtail Lodge.

We celebrate at the Pokhra Airport after upgrading from an 8 hour drive to a 20 minute flight back to Kathmandu.
A cocktail at the airport View from the flight Annapurna Snow capped peaks


Our last night is spent at The Club Himalaya, where Jason and Michael share a tender moment over soup.
Careful honey, it's hot! Mmmmm ... good Our last sunset in Nepal


The legendary mercenaries of Nepal are known as the Gurkhas, and their weapon of choice is the Khukuri fighting knife. No group of Gurkhas were more fierce than the Gurkha Bald Brigade.
AF tries to trim his beard AF Gurkha Michael gets ready for airport security The Bald Brigade Last night in Nepal

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