Pats vs Colts

Foxboro Ma, January 18, 2004 -- a balmy 32 degrees with light snow
Larry at Gillette Stadium
Larry The Lizard does a preliminary tour
Larry the Lizard at AFC Championship
AFC Championship
Cold Old Man Vendor
Larry The Lizard meets a cold old man selling booze
The Indianapolis dental plan
Larry The Lizard says you need a dentist
Larry Photo Op
Other Pats fans (or are they Larry fans?) stop for a photo
Larry is loved by all
Everyone loves Larry
Larry meets lethargic Colts fans
Larry The Lizard must give these guys props for showing up like this and taking a photo. Every other Colts fan he asked ran away in fear. These two just asked that they were not mocked online. So I'll let their emotionless selves do it for them.
High Class Shot of  Larry
No this is more like says Larry
Your New England Patriots
Your New England Patriots take the field
Patriots Ready to Kill
Here we go Patriots
Bursting with Joy
Outta my head
The P-Men
Larry The Lizard is saluted by Pat Patriots
The Coin Flip
Come on heads, yells Larry

Big Head
Hey, down in front big head!

Its Good!
Its Good!
Patriots Win!
Patriots Win! Patriots Win!
Poor Peyton
Read it and weep Peyton! mocks Larry

Larry and Chuck are outta their heads! or Chuck does his best Indy Fan face

Larry oversees the mayhem
Mass hysteria!
Lori, AF & Larry
AFC Champions
Game over man

Larry's Post Game Celebration
Ahh.. sweet victory

Patriot House
Wow - must be Tom Brady's house
Don't forget the Crush of The Titans Holy Shit!
We are on are way to our second Super Bowl in three years!!!


Final Score:
Patriots: 24 - Titans: 14

Next Stop - Super Bowl XXVIII Houston Texas against the Carolina Panthers