AFC Divisional Playoffs, January 1-, 2004
Foxborough Ma, January 10, 2004 -- 4° at kickoff, -10° wind chill
Tailgating in The Club
Now this is tailgating...
Goin Sick!
Goin' Sick in The Club
Chuck Gets Psyched Up
Mmmmm.... comfy
Put on your game face
Time to put on everything you own
Happy wedgie
Mr. Kearney has a five underwear deep wedgie
Cold Old Man
I just like the look of the cold old man
Larry is ready
Larry The Lizard is ready for some FOOTBALL
Fran & Larry are very excited!
Kearn & Fran
Continuous farting keeps everyone warm
Lori is cold but happy
AF & Larry snuggle
Lets Go Pats!
"Lets Go Pats!" screams Larry
Frozen Chuck - Eskimo Up!
Touchdown Patriots!

Lori at the half
Lori much colder and less happy at half time

Patriots Win!
Patriots Win! Patriots Win!
We have so many clothes on we can't sit down.
Game Over
Game over, man

Goin' Sick! Bring on Indy!

No Keys!!
Hey Larry, where the Hell are my keys?
AFs' Stats:
2 pairs wool socks + 1 set foot warmers + 1 pair insulated boots + 1 pair tights + 1 pair long underwear + 1 pair sweat pants + 1 pair ski pants + 2 thermal long sleeve shirts + 1 long sleeve t-shirt + 1 official Brushci jersey + 1 sweat shirt + 1 down parka w/ hood + 1 windproof shell + 1 wool hat + 1 fleece balaclava + 1 plastic lizard =
one win away from the Super Bowl


Final Score:
Patriots: 17 - Titans: 14

Next Stop - AFC Championship against the Colts

AFC Divisional Playoffs, January 1-, 2004