Super Bowl XXXVIII Super Bowl XXXVIII - Patriots vs. Panthers Super Bowl XXXVIII
New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers, Houston Texas, February 1, 2004
New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers, Houston Texas, February 1, 2004

4am EST
- We wake up in Boston Hilton at Logan Airport.

5am EST - Make our way Logan Airport terminal for our charter. Everybody is in Patriots gear - except Donnie Wahlberg who was catching a ride on our flight. Since he shunned showing the colors - Larry shunned him for a photo that could have helped his acting career.

7am EST - Take Off
Flight had more food than any flight I've been on in years. Saw "Master & Commander" and some Local Pats hype from channel 5 in Boston.

10 am CST- We land at Ellington Field - old Air Force. Get off the plane and finally our seats our distributed right on the tarmac. We got sect 140, row DD.

Reliant Stadium, Houston TXBoard buses and head to Reliant Stadium. Our buses had pats logo on front and said Patriots Team/Family -- so many people freaked seeing us drive in (thinking & hoping we were players) to and from the stadium. We were cheered the whole way... pretty cool.

Patriots fans were everywhere. Panthers people were few and far between. The stadium sounded like a home game most of the time.

Flight was a bit early and we were at the stadium very early with nothing open yet. We walked all the way around the stadium trying to find the NFL Tailgate Party. We found it but it didn't open till 1pm either. So we stood in the parking lot for a couple hours behind the Astrodome. Larry mingled and we all chatted with security, some houston natives and many fans. We were first in line at one of the gates.

1pm CST - Gates finally open!!! But then we just find ourselves in another line because the NFL Corporate Hospitality Pavilion in the Reliant Center didn't open till 1:30.

1:30pm CST - Yay! Doors to tailgate party open so we finally have something to do. The tailgate party blew away all expectations. Ballroom the size of an airplane hanger full of food stations, open bars, pool tables, all sorts of NASA stuff, games, and a stage with live music. We chowed and drank and then chowed and drank some more.


On The Bus in Houston
Houston, we have contact
Destination In Sight!
Reliant Stadium & Astrodome
Reliant Stadium
Larry The Lizard has landed
First in line
Larry is first at the gate
Security Problem?
Larry gets probed by security
Open Up
What do you mean the key doesn't fit?!
Let us in! Let us in!
Larry wants in
As far as the eye can see
Pats fans as far as you can see
Security Check
Security takes a photo to prove my camera is real. They also did a shot of Larry to prove he was real.
Michelle & Lori
Yay! We made it - Michelle and Lori
Chuck has entered the building
Chuck makes it in but his Dad almost has stroke when his ticket won't scan.
Reliant Stadium
The roof is open
NFL Tailgate Party
The Tailgate Party
NFL Hospitality
Larry The Lizard enjoys NFL hospitality

NFL Tailgate Party
NFL Tailgate Party

Mmm... open bar
Larry loves open bar
Michelle, Larry & Chuck
Michelle & Chuck goin' sick
The Smiths & Larry
You can't shut Larry off!

Mmm... vegies
Larry The Lizard enjoys his vegetables

NFL Tailgate Party
NFL Tailgate Party
Lori is flying high
NFL Tailgate Party

Shuttle Commander Lori

NFL Tailgate Party
NFL Tailgate Party

NFL Tailgate Party
NFL Tailgate Party

Armadillo Racing
Larry checks out Armadillo racing
Come on and race you pussy!
But they are afraid to race Larry
Hey Ugly!
Larry mocks the Armadillo
Everbody single file
This line wraps around Texas
After years of waiting for just the right moment..
Larry Shot
Lori's first Shot O'Lare
Larry at the Astrodome
AF & Lori at the Super Bowl
Outside Reliant Stadium
Super Bowl!!
Larry The Lizard
Larry is ready to skin the Cats