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Super Bowl XXXVIII Super Bowl XXXVIII New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers, Houston Texas, February 1, 2004 Super Bowl XXXVIII

11pm CST - We arrive at InterContinental Hotel and there are fans every where outside who are at first very excited by our bus - until they see it just us schlubs getting off. Bumped into my friend Derek here who was scrambling to get a ticket to the party.

The party was insane - very crowded. Again tons of food and open bar. Massachusetts native, Jo Dee Messina started playing on the small stage while rumors swirled about who might also be showing up.

After midnight we were in hotel lobby dropping some coin on souvenirs when suddenly security clears a path behind us and Patriots owner Robert Kraft walks right by with the Lombardi Trophy -- so close I could have slapped the trophy and messed up Bob's hair. We head back to the party ballroom and players start showing up from all directions, then Kid Rock & Jamie Presley stroll by. Shortly there after he is on stage with Toby Keith and the whole Kraft Family raising the trophy. Kid Rock then introduces Aerosmith and joins them for "Sweet Emotion". Aerosmith played for about an hour. While more celebs and players kept appearing all around us. Literally was able to pat all the players on their back and say great game. Had chance to exchange greetings with Bobby Hamilton, Matt Light, Rodney Harrison, Ty Law, Daniel Graham, Willie McGinest, coach Charlie Weiss... Heard Rodney Harrison who's arm was in a sling telling story of how he broke his arm hitting a Panther -- then broke it worse on next play hitting someone else before he could get off the field. Also spotted Cedric The Entertainer and someone told me Chris Rock was there, but I didn't catch a glimpse of him.

Then Lori had her peak life experience when she discovered her favorite Patriot Ted Johnson standing right behind her. Without even spilling a drop of her Cosmopolitan she politely moved Ted's wife aside told Ted she loved him and must have a picture. She quickly had her arm around him while he yelled at me to hurry up and take the picture cuz I was wasting my time chatting with Greg Hill of WAAF.

about 2am CST - we are outside in the chaos looking for our bus back to the airport. by 2:30am we were on the bus and headed to the plane.

4:00am CST - we take off from Houston. About halfway into flight I fall asleep for first time in over 24 hours.

8:am EST - Land back in Boston - World Champions once again.

Pats Rule!
New hats & t-shirts for everyone!
Larry & MVP
MVP Tom Brady
Buy your championship crap here!
Shirt says it all
Patriots Party Mayhem
AF & Lori
AF & Lori rockin' the championship party
Myra Kraft
Robert Kraft walked right by with the trophy - but the only shot I got was of his wife Myra
Diamond Time
Larry The Lizard says, "Order another ring!"
Party Time
Free food & booze for everyone!
Kid Rock has arrived
Kid Rock in black hat with Jamie Presley in white hat
Charlie Weiss
Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weiss

Defensive End Bobby Hamilton
Larry The Lizard yells "Hey, Bobby Hamilton - you've just won the Super Bowl, where you going now?"

Bobby Hamilton
"I'm going sick!" says Bobby
Action on stage
Kid Rock, Toby Keith & Kraft Family on stage
Ty Law
Larry spots All Pro Corner Ty Law #24
Matt Lights' back
There goes offensive lineman Matt Light
Rodney Harrison
Harrison hits so hard he broke his arm on somebody
Big Ted and gang
Lori meets her long time love - Ted Johnson. Plus Larry & Greg Hill of Boston's WAAF
#55 Willie McGinest
Willie Mac
Big Willie
Kid Rock
Kid Rock in the "10" shirt
The Kid watches Aerosmithh
Another shitty shot of Kid Rock checking out Aerosmith
#67 Joe Andruzi
O Lineman Joe Andruzi in the huge blue shirt
Sweatin' Joe
Joe's sweaty forehead
#82 Daniel Graham
Patriots Tight End Daniel Graham
Champs in lights

Real photos from AP & Reuters
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