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Friday, April 28, 2006

And Away We Go...

HomerWe wake up at 6:30am and are picked up at 8am for the ride to Logan airport in Boston. Homer has been very nervous for last few days as he watched us pack, he was cowering on the coach when we left, fearing he was going to be taken on a trip too. He absolutely hates car rides and will drool and shake with nerves if he thinks he's leaving the house.

Noticable lack of stress while packing for this trip and even the last minute scramble and getting to the airport. We made it through lesson 3 last night in our Spanish lessons - perhaps my confidence in being able to tell people that I have no idea what they are saying has taken away my normal travel jitters.

My brain is already confused since we've already begun talking about and planning our next vacation, a sick white water rafting trip in Patagonia for this winter. We might even do a rafting trip while we are in Cuzco, Peru too. Just so we can put another country in our rafting list along with Nepal, Iceland, and Costa Rica.

This is the first trip that we are using a house sitter for, and Lori had to call her from the airport to make sure she got into the house ok and Homer and Samantha were doing good. I can't imagine if we actually had kids. Lori would probalby be less concerned for them than the pets.


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