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Friday, April 28, 2006

Lima, Peru

AF Grant says - This Sucks! We get to our room at 11:55pm and have a wakeup call at 2:30am. If we had know how clean, modern, and open the Lima airport was, we would have skipped a hotel and just spent the night there.

It is only one hour earlier here, than back in Massachusetts, and that is only due to Peru not following Daylight Savings. I always wrongly assumed that the west coast of South America lined right up with the west coast of the US. But no -- the west coast is actually below the east coast of the US. Don't believe me? Look at a map. I didn't believe it till I looked at one either.

Outside our window is a cool view of the Ministry of Justice and some other funky government buildings. I discover our brand new Olympus SLR digital camera doesn't work - the auto focus isn't auto anythinging and neither is manual. Damn, this really blows. Just got the camera a couple weeks ago and didn't get around to learning how it works ahead of time. Luckily after only a few minutes of hating everything and wanting to go home I take off the lense and reattach it - then everything is fine.


Lori said...

It would be nice if you gave me credit for suggesting that you check the lense.

6:40 PM  

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