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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Last Day

Today is our last day in Peru. We will be picked up at 2:15 pm to get a flight from Cuzco to Lima and then on to Newark, NJ and finally back home in Boston by tomorrow morning.

After another ginormous buffet breakfast at The Libertador hotel we messed around online for a bit, confirming our flights and seats and started deleting all the meaningless email that piled up. We then headed out into Cuzco one more time.

We headed to the Plaza D'arms to mingle with the street vendors and tourists from around the world one last time. We visited the Inca Museum which was pretty cool. Only some of the displays had English translations but we got the gist of all the pre-Columbian civillizations and accomplishments and that the Spanish pretty much just sucked as they came to town killing Incas and building churches.

We strolled around the square one more time then headed to Norton Rats Pack. Our guide book said they had the best burgers in town, and they did. Huge, juicy and loaded with everything. They also have the best Pisco Sours by far that we'd had since leaving the Amazon.


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