NFL Draft Day 2002
with New England Patriots

Saturday, April 20, 2002
Once again this year the Patriots threw a Draft party and had tours of the almost finished CMGI Field.
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CMGI Field
CMGI Field - The New Home of The New England Patriots
CMGI Field
Larry The Lizard was feeling artistic today, so we went with some black and white shots.
CMGI Field
Larry The Lizard checks out CMGI Field.
Larry's Seat
The view from Larry's seat for next season.
Larry mingles with the Patriots' cheerleaders
Larry's Seat
The view from Larry's seat for next season.
The Remains
The remains of the demolished Foxboro Stadium...
Larry gets sentimental
bring a tear to Larry's eyes.
Open Bar
Larry enjoys the open bar
What happend to Brady?
"Uh Oh!" Larry worries. The off season didn't treat Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady very well.
Mark Edwards
Lori gets to meet Full Back, Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards
Now its Larry's turn.
Izzo Goin' Sick!
Line Backer Larry Izzo knows what Larry is all about.
Welcome Donald Hayes
Larry The Lizard welcome free agent Donald Hayes to the Pats.
Ken Walters
Larry hangs with Punter/Holder Ken Walters
Vince Lombardi Trophy
Posing with the Super Bowl Trophy

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